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Specifics: Technorganic bat mode, Toy
The name or term Nightscream refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Nightscream (disambiguation).

Nightscream is a Maximal from the Beast Machines era of the Generation One continuity family.

"I'm just fine the way I am!"

When armies of Vehicons conquered Cybertron, young Nightscream survived alone in the darkness below the surface of the planet. This trauma influences much of his behavior. He's always on the defensive. Paranoid. Rude. Distrusting. Confrontational. But really, he's just a troubled kid, and he's been through a lot. Inside, he's got a good heart. He's just got to learn to stop fighting friends and enemies alike.

Regardless, he seems to have found a kindred spirit in the wild Savage/Noble creature.


Cartoon continuity[]

Beast Machines[]

Voice Actor: Alessandro Juliani (US), Nobutoshi Canna (Japan)

When the Vehicons and their virus struck, Nightscream ran and panicked like many Maximals. He fell down a hole during the attack, and everything went dark.

IMG 6992

Though he would not recall the details later, somehow he wandered into a cave bearing the fossils of a strange, gigantic bat-creature, and his internal DNA scanners used them to reformat him an organic beast form and save him, at least temporarily, from the virus. Nightscream's mental state at this point is unknown, but he seems to have spent the next period hiding and feeding off a strange fruit tree he found growing below the planet's surface. Eventually, Optimus Primal and company arrived and, distrustful, he began to spy on their activities. When they spotted and pursued him, the ensuing confrontation ended up with his food source destroyed and his body reformatted to be technorganic like the other Maximals. He rather reluctantly agreed to join them, but continued to generally mope around and cop an annoying Anakin-esque attitude with everyone.

IMG 6998

In the course of events, Nightscream met and befriended Savage/Noble, whom he believed to be a fellow survivor of Megatron's attack. Thinking he'd found a kindred spirit, he dedicated himself to helping the wolf in dragon's clothing until it was revealed that his new friend was really Megatron all along. Despite this, when Megatron's spark separated from the Savage/Noble body, the dog-like beast that remained seemed to retain its attachment to the boy and followed him about like a big puppy. Then Megatron killed Savage/Noble, and the enraged Maximal unleashed his sonic powers on Megatron in retaliation, setting the stage for the final act of the war for the sparks. In the end, Nightscream and the other Maximals stopped Megatron's forces and reformatted the planet. And there was much rejoicing. Yay.

Universe: The Wreckers comics[]

What a ham. Rook thankfully ignores him. Wreckers: Finale Part II

IMG 7003

During Megatron's rule over Vehicon-held Cybertron, Nightscream and Optimus Primal were able to recover a trio of Deployers from a remote location far outside of Cybertropolis. With Tank Drones hot on their trail, the intervention of Primal Prime and the Wreckers were eventually required to save them. The Wreckers introduced themselves, and Optimus Primal, Nightscream, and the Deployers accompanied the Wreckers to the Oracle, where other groups had assembled before it to be given instruction. However, at the end of this meeting, the memories of Nightscream and Primal were wiped, their bodies were taken back to the surface, and the Deployers were stolen away by Packrat. Departure

A week after the Great Transformation, the Quintessons invaded Cybertron. However, Botanica felt that the true threat was below ground, and she took Nightscream and Rattrap into the subterranean chambers. Here they stumbled upon Al-badur, a rogue Quintesson, who convinced them he was aiding the Wreckers, and thus on their side, by disabling 30% of the Quintesson invading forces up on the surface.

Shortly thereafter, they met up with the Wreckers proper. As Rattrap spent forever catching up with Tigatron, Nightscream reminded them that they should probably pay more attention to Cryotek, who was in the planet's core attempting to use the Divine Light to usurp the power of Primus and become a god. Under Al-badur's direction, the large group eventually made their way to a Quintesson execution chamber that the Quintesson hoped would help them banish Cryotek to another dimension... if they could lure the Predacon there.

But when Cryotek arrived, he had already grown monstrous due to the Divine Light's effects. Nightscream and some of the others attacked the former gangster, but when Nightscream tried to use his fang attack on him, Cryotek was able to grab the line that connected Nightscream to the projectile fangs and slam Nightscream into Rotorbolt. Al-badur was able to trap Cryotek in a containment bubble that would imminently vanish their nemesis, but the Wreckers leader Sentinel Maximus was caught inside it with him. Nightscream and the others tried to destroy the bubble, but the young Maximal's Sonic Scream had no effect. Only the combined efforts of Rodimus and Cheetor were able to thwart it, though the strain killed Rodimus. Nightscream was stunned into near silence, as he'd only read things about Rodimus' younger days, and the sacrifice awed him. But Rodimus's sacrifice was negated by Sentinel Maximus's, who had pushed himself and Cryotek through the portal in the bubble into the void beyond.

When the media arrived, Nightscream was eager to hog the spotlight, but Rook ignored him. Wreckers: Finale Part II

Transformers Legends anthology[]

While attacking the Maximals in a trashed Jet drone, Megatron noted that he hated Nightscream for interrupting his ascension. Nightscream attempted to use his taser fangs on Megatron, who used the connection to shock the Maximal, whilst wondering whether any of Nightscream's verbal outbursts ever made any sense. Singularity Ablyss

Wings Universe[]

Following the Great Transformation of Cybertron, Blackarachnia and her friends stood guard over Cheetor as their leader attempted to commune with the Oracle. Alpha Trizer's profile

Legends comic[]

Following the Great Transformation, Nightscream and the other surviving Maximals listened to Cheetor explain that Rhinox's spark was not gone for good, but lost in another universe. Bonus Edition Rattrap After Rattrap and Waspinator were sent to retrieve their comrade, Nightscream was elated to see the two return with Rhinox accompanying. Bonus Edition Rhinox

Waspscream continuity[]

In Primax 208.06 Zeta, Nightscream survived Megatron's conquest of Cybertron and joined Waspscream's Predacons in the Spark War against the Vehicons. The Predacons eventually emerged victorious. Ask Vector Prime, 2015/08/16

Lil Formers[]

Nightscream went up against Battle Unicorn in the auditions to appear on the Beast Machines cartoon. Battle Unicorn mixed up his lines, allowing Nightscream to secure his role as a cast member. Lil Formers

IMG 7002

Beast Wars: Uprising[]

If he says "music to my ears", we will end him. In one universe, the Autobots and Decepticons had grown too decrepit to continue waging the Great War. Constructing the Maximals and Predacons as new armies to continue the conflict, an entire generation of Cybertronians was brought up knowing nothing but war. Nightscream was a member of Blackarachnia's squad, and after the death of Rhinox and Silverbolt conspired with her to kill their commander, Optimus Primal. After Primal's demise, he fled with her and activated an experimental transwarp device, seeking to flee Cybertron. The device transported them to Axiom Nexus, where they were discovered by the native Transcendent Technomorphs, processed, and assigned to Alpha Trion. Taking advantage of Nightscream's discontent, Trion was able to sway him to his cause and procured a suitable body to transfer his spark to. His new body proving to be a significant upgrade, Nightscream was all too happy to join the rebellion. "TransTech" Blackarachnia's profile in Club magazine #25

After returning to Alpha Trion's lab, Nightscream claimed to have discovered where Megatron and his cronies had taken Breakaway. With this information, Alpha Trion announced an attack on the location that very night. Transcendent: Part 4 At the transit facility, Nightscream went with Blackarachnia and Scavenger to secure their escape route while Alpha Trion helped Skyfall and Landquake rescue their friend. Transcendent: Part 5 He manned the transwarp controls as the others lept through the portal, leaving him the only witness to Alpha Trion's brutal murder of Skyfall. At Alpha Trion's command, he carried the corpse through the portal with them. Transcendent: Part 6

Upon arrival in Alpha Trion's home universe, Nightscream began securing equipment from Alpha Trion's old lab for travel, as their materialization had surely been detected by one faction or another. Reunification: Part 1

Weeks later, after the assassination of Megatron, Nightscream and Sky Lynx followed Alpha Trion to confront Optimus Prime, intent on his assassination as well. Unfortunately, the three had not counted on Prime's new warrior, Omega Doom, and Sky Lynx and Nightscream stared dumbfounded after one blast left their leader a distant smear on the ground. Reunification: Part 5 Nightscream was gunned down by Optimus Prime's ion blaster, and apparently left for dead. The Coming Storm: Part 1

Legends World[]

Along with Airazor, the Legends World's Nightscream (nicknamed "Bat Aunt Chama") was hired by the Axalon Trading Company to work as an office lady (complete with skirt and hair bow). Rattrap became enamored with how cute both the office ladies were, only to be shocked when Rhinox informed him that the Axalon Trading Company had no women on the payroll. The Gender Gap Hoping to get to the bottom of the whole "male or female" thing, Rattrap and Rhinox decided to follow Airazor and Nightscream to see which bathroom they use. They were further confused when they found that their building had no female bathrooms at all. The Bathroom Gap

During Christmas, Nightscream spent the holiday watching Age of Extinction with Savage. Merry X'mas!!

Following the destruction of their office building, Nightscream and the other employees began using Metroplex as their new office. The Mysterious Knowledgeable Grandpa Chapter Nightscream also worked at a "little brother cafe" and was there when the manager, Starscream, explained to another worker, who was another Starscream, just what kind of cafe it was. LG-18 Armada Starscream Super Mode Prologue

Nightscream also had a side job as a movie director, his latest work being Transformers: Convobat Amazon Showdown in which he himself starred as Convobat. He hired most of his coworkers as well as employees of Tera-Kura Co. to play other roles, but was greatly upset that they were more interested in ad-libbing funny lines than actually following the script. Things got worse when the living transtector he'd borrowed from Mindwipe to play Convobat's body went out of control, but they were able to calm it and complete the movie, which was enough of a success that he began working on a sequel. Bonus Edition Vol. EX While accepting a delivery from Ginrai, Nightscream was so impressed with his new Magna Convoy body that he offered him a role in his next film. To his disappointment, however, Ginrai had lost the body the next day. Bonus Edition Vol. EX

Nightscream was walking the streets of Akihabara after it was rebuilt, Targetmaster Chapter Prologue was given Beastformer armor when White Leo tried to recruit the locals into his army, Bonus Edition Vol. 51 and was present when Broadside arrived in the Legends World. Bonus Edition Vol. 53 He later encountered the discarded Nobleand took him in, getting him a job at the Wolf Circus. Bonus Edition Vol. 63


Beast Machines[]

  • Nightscream (Ultra, 2000)
IMG 7005
Nightscream transforms into a technorganic bat. He has a disc launcher in his back. Unlike the cartoon, Nightscream has wings on his back and not on his feet.
Nightscream's toy incarnation looks somewhat older than his on-screen counterpart.
Notably, this is the largest Maximal in the Beast Machines toyline. However, he's the smallest character on the show.

  • Nightscream (Happy Meal toy, 2000)
IMG 7006
Greatly simplified for the tykes, Nightscream's McDonald's Happy Meal toy is nonetheless a fairly accurate representation of his cartoon model, albeit with somewhat warped proportions in his beast mode, and supplementary kibble in robot mode. His color scheme has been simplified to be represented with a yellowish-cream color and brown as the more dominant colored plastics, with some opaque blue plastic and translucent blue plastic for the beast mode's head and back, and his robot mode legs/beast mode wings respectively.

Beast Wars Returns[]

  • Nightscream (Ultra, 2005)
Japanese ID number: BR-09
  • ID number: BR-09
  • Release date: March 26, 2005
  • Accessories: 3 launching disks
Released in the second wave of the Beast Wars Returns line, Nightscream is a redeco of the Beast Machines toy, with lighter colors, more chest paint, and different leg paint apps. The toy retains all gimmickry from the previous version, as well as the brittle translucent plastic issue.
This figure, laike all Beast Wars Returns toys, was available only at Japanese Toys"R"Us stores


  • Story editor Bob Skir originally wanted the character of Nightscream to be a young female Transformer, patterned after the girl "Newt" from the movie Aliens. When the Powers that Be nixed that, he instead patterned the character after the rebellious young John Connor in Terminator 2: Judgment Day, he even has Connor's stray lock of hair.
  • Besides Optimus Primal, Airazor, Silverbolt and Tigerhawk, Nightscream is the only Maximal who can fly in humanoid mode in the show.
  • Nightscream appears to be a "Fruit Bat" which, Makes sense because he is seen eating apple's sometimes.

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