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Nightracer is a Decepticon in the Generation 2 portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Nightracer is a female Decepticon and one of the best sharpshooters in the Decepticon ranks. Aloof and a loner, Nightracer is often considered arrogant and distant, and her snide, cutting remarks to teammates only strengthen the other Decepticons' dislike of her.


Generation 2


Being first means being best.

  • Nightracer (BotCon 1995)
Nightracer was a BotCon 1995 exclusive toy, with a confirmed at-convention run of only 298 pieces. She uses the same base plastic colors and mold as the Go-Bots version of Bumblebee, but lacks the gold overcoat paint layer, and has silver paint on her face and engine as opposed to Bumblebee's black. She also uses a different wheel mold than Bumblebee. Each toy given at the convention was further modified with hand-painted blue stripes on the sides of the hood, and a custom-made Decepticon sigil sticker on the center of the hood.
Several years later, a large batch of Nightracer figures were sold through WhizBang Toys, both on eBay and through WhizBang's toy shows, presumably Hasbro overstock. This version of the toy lacks the hand-painted details and Decepticon sigil sticker, obviously.
Aside from being the first toy specifically redecoed for use as a convention exclusive, Nightracer is also the first female Transformers toy to see North American release, however limited.

Trivia / Notes

  • Nightracer's name, character, and biography never went through the Hasbro approval process - they were created by Raksha, host of the 1995 BotCon convention, who maintains that Hasbro has no legal claim on the character. The claim is shaky at best, due to the nature of derivative works, but Hasbro has yet to pursue the issue, and is unlikely to do so in the future. As such, Nightracer holds a rather unique position; the toy is official, but the character is not. Kinda.

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