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Yep, Daniel can make a whole planet a nightmare.

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A recurring nightmare of Daniel's turns out to be an experiment by the Quintessons.

Detailed synopsis

Quintessons gray faces except death

The rest of the faces must have had a bath while the paint is still wet

Nightmare Planet snake monster

This scene would probably have played out much differently in Kiss Players.


He used to be able to form Predaking's knee, but then he took an arrow to the knee.

Daniel has been having nightmares involving a giant Galvatron. Worried, Spike and Carly ask Rodimus Prime to come visit him. Rodimus manages to calm Daniel, but then has to leave. After he falls back asleep, a tentacle grabs Daniel...

Meanwhile, Rodimus, Ultra Magnus, and Springer are driving through some thick fog, when the Predacons attack the Autobots. However, both factions of Transformers are suddenly attacked by monsters, on which their weapons have no effect. It turns out that the Quintessons are using Daniel's nightmares to create chaotic monsters which will destroy the unpredictable Autobots and Decepticons.

Springer and Razorclaw are captured by a dragon and taken to a castle. While there, they meet a princess chained in a dungeon, whom Springer unbinds. She tells them of a magic lance which can kill the dragon and claims that her father will give them gold if they free her. Springer agrees to free the Princess and slay the dragon regardless of the reward, while Razorclaw acts like he's on the verge of coughing up a hairball.

Back at the battle, Rodimus, Magnus, and the Predacons are being threatened by a witch and giant. They manage to dodge a blast from the witch that turns the giant into a toad, and Rodimus finds a bucket of water which destroys the witch. However, a giant snake monster appears from the ground and nearly swallows the Transformers, before a plane, piloted by a familiar face, rescues them. The Quintessons realize that Daniel's subconscious mind is assisting the Autobots, so they increase the power to suppress his help. At the castle, Springer is trying to find way out, while Razorclaw has decided to wait until the guards come. Suddenly, Springer thinks of a plan, but requires Razorclaw's help.

Elsewhere, Rodimus, Magnus, and the Preds find an abandoned amusement park. Heading into the fun house, Rampage and Tantrum are attacked by the mirrors, while Divebomb falls down a large hole. Rodimus and Headstrong are attacked by a giant Galvatron, which is then defeated by a giant Rodimus Prime. Rodimus realizes that they are somehow in Daniel's dream. At the castle, Springer is fighting the dragon, but needs help. Razorclaw refuses to help, but the Princess reminds Razorclaw that the dragon will kill him as well. Razorclaw serves as Springer's mount, and he stabs the dragon, killing it. The castle also disappears, and a yellow brick road appears.

Meanwhile, Rodimus is calling out to Daniel. Shocked, the Quintessons set the machine on its highest level, which will kill Daniel. The dream world begins to deteriorate, but the Princess guides them through the storm. Daniel is able to draw the Quintessons in subconsciously, and the Autobots rescue him. Razorclaw wants to scrap the Autobots, but Headstrong cannot transform, preventing them from becoming Predaking. Razorclaw orders the Predacons to retreat.

Back at home, Daniel wakes up, not remembering what happened, and tells Rodimus that he took control of the dream. Rodimus tells Daniel that he won't have any more nightmares involving Galvatron or snake monsters. Daniel, confused, asks how Rodimus knew about the snakes.


Original airdate: Oct. 31, 1986

Written by: Beth Bornstein

Featured Characters

(Numbers indicate order of appearance.)

Autobots Decepticons Humans Others

Dream Manifestations

  • Giant Galvatron (2)
  • Witch (15)
  • Giant (16)
  • Dragon (17)
  • Damsel in distress (18)
  • Giant Rodimus (19)

Notable quotes

"Well, I guess we're cell mates."
"Just keep your distance."

-- Springer and Razorclaw

"Hold up, Headstrong! It's not the real thing! Look at how big he is!"
"FOOL! Galvatron can be any size he wants!"

—- Rodimus Prime and "Galvatron"


Animation and/or technical glitches

  • Rodimus Prime's optics change from blue to red and back again several times.
  • When Rodimus Prime remarks the giant Rodimus fighting the giant Galvatron is like in Daniel's nightmare, his voice is enhanced to sound like the giant Rodimus.
  • There's evidence to suggest this episode had a troubled production, as the finished animation is missing in-between cels in several scenes (leaving the keyframes only). Additionally, the episode under-runs to such an extent that two secret files are tagged onto the end rather than one.
  • After one of the Quintessons said "It might damage the human's brain" and after the other one turns around, the outline of his mouth has a gap.
  • In one scene with the Quintessons, one of them is missing his body.
  • In the scene, where the Quintesson is increasing the power to its maximum setting, the warning sign on the highest setting on the screen reads "OVER LORD".

Continuity errors

  • It's never explained exactly where everyone is during the episode. The opening scene at the Witwicky house implies that it's Earth, yet the ending scenes appear to be on Cybertron. It's never made clear, and it begs the question of how the Predacons are able to run around unhindered on the Autobot-controlled planet. Ditto for the Quintessons, who appear to be operating on the same planet.
  • Likewise, just how the Quintessons' magical machine works is never given any explanation. If it can project a real-life version of anything at all, wouldn't it make more sense to just hook it up to one of the Quintessons and have them imagine a really big Transformer-eating Sharkticon?
  • What happened to Springer's daring escape plan?

Transformers references

  • Giant Rodimus' hurling of Giant Galvatron is somewhat similar to their duel inside Unicron during the Movie.

Real-world references

  • The yellow brick road and the witch being defeated with a bucket of water are both references to The Wizard of Oz.


  • Apparently, the Witwicky residence can accommodate giant futuristic Winnebagos comfortably. Considering the fact that Spike's best friend is a bug, and that a truck was among the friends of the family, the house may have been built to allow the Autobots to be able to walk around inside it.
  • Razorclaw appears to find gold valuable. Whether this means it has actual value among the Decepticons, or he just likes shiny things, is unknown.
  • Daniel seems to be afraid of carnivals. Perhaps he had a bad experience at one.
  • When voicing the giant Galvatron before he becomes super giant size, Frank Welker uses his Megatron voice.
  • Daniel's subconcious is able to determine and warn whether it is being controlled externally. This is proven by the princess in Daniel's nightmare, that urged him to "fight the machine". It's another example of the super-human powers that the Witwicky family seem to have.


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