The name or term Nightbeat refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Nightbeat (disambiguation).

Nightbeat is an evil Autobot from the Shattered Glass mirror universe.

No punishment is too cruel or unusual for bad cop Nightbeat, chief of the much-feared Autobot Secret Police. He is responsible for maintaining absolute loyalty to their tyrannical leader, Optimus Prime, and for rooting out and eliminating traitors. Notorious for his use of torture, he is feared and hated even among his own faction—to say nothing of his Decepticon victims. Not very smart, he is usually guided by a mix of intuition and paranoia.

Thanks to a failed assassination attempt against him, Nightbeat suffers from chronic cosmic rust. Though treatment usually keeps the infection from spreading further, hygienic neglect can cause the contagion to flare up again.




Seen this?

Nightbeat stood alongside Optimus Prime when the Decepticons began to attack the launching platform of the Ark. Shattered Glass




Spock? Is that you?

  • Nightbeat (BotCon 2008 customization class)
This repaint of Timelines Nightbeat was only available in the customization class at BotCon 2008. Parts were provided, but the individuals taking the class had to assemble and paint the toy. It uses the same plastic colors as Timelines Nightbeat, but without the flame deco and with extensive additions of black paint. It also has a unique faction insignia: an Autobot symbol pierced at the center by a dagger, which is very likely an homage to the emblem of the Terran Empire from Star Trek's Mirror Universe, one of the main inspirations for Shattered Glass.
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