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Night Beat 7 is an Autobot-allied Real Gear Robot from the live-action movie continuity family.
NightBeat7 beast

Not Shattered Glass Laserbeak.

Night Beat 7 is always on the watch for mischief caused by the Decepticon-allied mechanoids hiding among human technology. Highly advanced sensors let him detect a wide range of Cybertron-origin signals and powers, even temporal anomalies left by the likes of Meantime. Once he's on the trail, it's only a matter of time before his fellow Autobots are on the scene to remove the troublemakers!

"Seeking the Beat."
―Night Beat 7's packaging tagline

French-Canadian name: Rythme Nocturne 7
Spanish name: Ritmo Nocturno 7



Withered Hope

I want to tell you about the Transformers!

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NightBeat7 alt

Seven gigs of Miami Sound Machine.

Transformers (2007)

  • Night Beat 7 (Real Gear Robots, 2007)
    • Japanese ID number: MA-17
    • Accessories: Earpiece/cannon
A redeco of Booster X10, Night Beat 7 transforms from a robotic bird into a (non-functional) MP3 player with ear bud of made-up model. His main body vaguely resembles the design of an iPod Nano, and his weapon backpack strongly resembles a Bluetooth headset. Like all Real Gear Robots toys, his robot mode is apparently at 1:1 scale -- and the headset is surprisingly comfortable.
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