Army of the night! Evil that wants to fight!

While the Land Military Mini-Con Team fights for ideals and freedom, the Night Attack Mini-Con Team fights for profit and fun. Specialists in low-light operations and sneak attacks, the Team often ally themselves with the Decepticons. Not just because the Decepticons let them create havoc, but for protection, as the Team is wanted for war crimes on several planets across the galaxy!

The Night Attack Mini-Con Team consists of...

  • Fetch the twin-missile tank.

French name (Canada): Equipe D'Attaque Nocturne des Minimodus
Spanish name: Los Minimodus - Equipo de Ataque Nocturno



  • Night Attack Mini-Con Team (Basic, 2003)
A redeco of the Land Military Mini-Con Team. The team was released about midway through the series, in the same wave as the Air Assault Team and the Sea Team.


  • Road Wrecker Mini-Con Team & Night Attack Mini-Con Team (Multi-pack, 2004)
An unaltered version of the Night Attack Mini-Con Team was released as part of an Energon-series "Mini-Con 6-pack" with the Road Wrecker Mini-Con Team.


  • In Japan, the Night Attack Team toys are new versions of the Land Military Team characters, rather than separate, new characters of their own.
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