Nigel is the beleaguered stage manager for Rear Axle.

Transformers Robots in Disguise


Season 2

Nigel was stage managing during the Rear Axle concert in the Crown City Rumbledome. When Hammer and Anvil started firing indiscriminately backstage, Nigel thought the vibrations were reverb from the sound system and instructed sound engineer Ted to turn down the bass. When he later realized he wasn't hearing any snare, he again tried to contact Ted, to Check the soundboard not realizing it was really being stolen by Bisk only to discover Ted's headphones were broken. He was startled by the appearance of Bisk, but assumed the Decepticon was part of the band's space show. When Bumblebee likewise emerged into the stage area, Nigel ordered him onto the stage. Bumblebee managed to defeat Bisk as Rear Axle's music reached a climax, and Nigel tried to remember exactly when he's choreographed the whole thing.


  • Nigel is only identified by name in the credits.
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