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Nick Roche is an Irish comic book artist for IDW Publishing who currently does interiors and alternate covers for the Transformers Spotlight series of comic book one shots. He is awesome.

Nick Roche is a native of County Wexford, but currently resides in Dublin, Ireland. Having always been a massive Transformers fan, Roche's produced artwork for fan fiction and UK convention publications, gaining a healthy fanbase within the UK, but remaining almost entirely unknown outside of the tight-knit UK fandom.

Nick got his break into Transformers when IDW Publishing acquired the Transformers license after Dreamwave Comics folded. A friend of Nick's by the name of Dave Hendrick sent IDW supremo Chris Ryall Nick's samples.

Twenty minutes later there was an email back from Chris.

Nick has drawn "Spotlight: Shockwave", "Spotlight: Hot Rod" and he wrote and drew "Spotlight: Kup". He's also penciled numerous covers for the different Transformers series, including a piece for the "Target 2006" reprints featuring the original team of Wreckers, the covers for the Metrodome DVD sets of Super-God Masterforce and Victory, and a special comic and a piece of artwork packed with Madman Entertainment's Generation One DVD set. Nick has also worked on the new Transformers UK comic book (issue 2) and the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic for Titan.

Shattered trousers are usually left in his wake.


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