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Nexus Prime is one of The Thirteen who was broken apart and scattered across various continuity families. He is sometimes known as Nexus Maximus.

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Nexus Prime is one of the Thirteen original Transformers. He was made by Primus along with the other 12 first Transformers before Primus assumed the form of Cybertron and was created as the guardian of Rarified Energon. At some point in his life, he was split into 5 smaller Transformers: Skyfall, Landquake, Breakaway, Topspin, and Heatwave. These five were scattered across the multiverse.



Shattered Glass

Wings of Honor

Prime cartoon


"I have carried it within the five pieces of my self, across stars in their living and dying, across civilizations and worlds, across roads made from the dust of dead planets and through skies alight with the blaze of unimagined discoveries. I have seen change!"
―Nexus Prime giving Optimus the Cyber Caliber.

Nexus Prime was known as the Wizard of Forms. He was all about change and mutability, a trait he shared with Amalgamous Prime. He was the first and greatest combiner and able to separate himself into multiple independent components. Like Solus Prime, he was a creator of weapons: he forged the Cyber Caliber and the Omni Blade.

His five parts are Clocker, Mainspring, Chaindrive, Cannonspring and Pinion.


Nexus Maximus is the combined form of the five Collector's Club free figures
Skyfall and Breakaway of the Superion Maximus limbs, as well as Heatwave, Top Spin, and Landquake,who are the torso and limb molds respectively from the Bruticus Maximus figures


  • The cave etching of Nexus first shown by Breakaway has Landquake and Top Spin as the legs, and the Aerial team members as the arms. However, Nexus Maximus uses Landquake and Breakaway for arms, and Skyfall and Topspin as the legs in the comics. Though they are interchangeable, Maximus is inferred to have been a single being who was not intended to regularly seperate and rotate limbs around. The head on the etching still includes the vertical earfins of Bruticus Maximus' headsculpt, obviously done before the remold of the head for Heatwave's figure. This cave etching was also the first hint as to who the other two parts would be.
  • "Nexus" means "junction" or "link". This works as Nexus Prime is a confluence of five individuals.
  • He is the archetype of all combiner transformers.