Reporter Bot is an automaton from the Transformers Animated franchise

Whenever there is news to report, Reporter Bot is there! Whenever there is a scoop to be found, Reporter Bot is there! Whenever the writers need to inflict comic violence against an unsuspecting putz and Tutor Bot isn't available, Reporter Bot is there! Ever vigilant, ever hunting for the truth of the matter, and ever ready to be crushed under a taxi.

He also has a sweet hat.


Transformers Animated

Reporter Bot's first break into the media world came when he interviewed the Autobot Bulkhead, in what was presumably a means of improving the compassionate but clumsy bot's standing with the people. Reporter Bot quickly shifted into an interrogatory mode however and asked if Bulkhead (as the largest and most potentially destructive Autobot) ever feared for the damage he might do to Detroit and it's people. Bulkhead's attempts to clear his good name quickly resulted in the dismemberment of the Reporter Bots boom-mike-arm, and was followed up by "utter destruction" and "horrific carnage" as Bulkhead's attempts to save the city from a rogue missile did equal damage to the environment as the stray projectile would have. Reporter Bot reported this all very thoroughly and only missed out a despairing plea of "Oh the Humanity!" before being accidentally crushed under a car. The sight of his head protruding from the wreckage mildly traumatised a nearby [Daniel (Animated)[human child]] which Bulkhead then worsened by decapitating him. Kid's gonna need some serious therapy to suppress these memories.

Suitably patched up within a few hours, the Reporter Bot later reported on an attack at the Detroit Solar Fusion Power Plant. Though it was Headmaster enacting the carnage in Bulkhead's hijacked body, Reporter Bot assumed Bulkhead was the party responsible, suggesting a chip on his shoulder, which is fair enough given their history together. Headmaster

Several episodes later Reporter Bot later provided coverage for a news-conference hosted by Sentinel Prime and Optimus Prime which quickly turned sour when Sentinel began condescending humanity. Rightly deducing that Sentinel was little more than a poser with little of value to say, Reporter Bot then attempted to grill Optimus on, which earned him the wrath of Sentinel. Return of the Headmaster


Reporter Bot's design has many touchstones with media equipment and newscasting in general. He's mounted on three wheeled legs, much like a camera tripod. Besides his two conventional arms, which are forever scribbling in a notebook, he also has a microphone and still-images-camera mounted on extra limbs. If he can also record footage through his optics, then this little bot can write a newspaper and broadcast both radio and TV news segments at the same time.

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