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Transformers: Generation One: War and Peace > Issue #1
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The Autotobots and Decepticons battle in Alaska, but soon find out the war is over—Shockwave has united Cybertron!


At the shores of Alaska, Optimus Prime tries to recall how he and the Autobots arrived in their current predicament—trying to recover an Autobot vessel when they were ambushed by the Decepticons. When Prime manages to get the advantage against Megatron, the vessel opens and from it emerges Scourge, who brings news that the war on Cybertron is over.

But before Scourge can explain, Shockwave arrives and blasts Scourge out of commission, but validating Scourge's claims of Cybertron's unification. He explains that while the Autobots and Decepticons were on Earth, he united Cybertron and had come to Earth to take the stranded Transformers home as prisoners—but Megatron reacts negatively and the skirmish restarts.


Shockwave masterminds EVERYTHING.

Shockwave releases the Triple Changers to subdue the Earthbound Transformers. A pair of missiles of from Shockwave's henchman, Blitzwing takes out Megatron, but before Blitzwing can injure Optimus, Grimlock arrives and bends Blitzwing's cannon out of shape. Despite Grimlock's arrival, Shockwave's side of the conflict gets the upper-hand thanks to their technological superiority. Optimus orders Trailbreaker to use his force fields to cover the Autobots' retreat. With the Autobots gone and Megatron disabled, Starscream and the rest of the Decepticons surrender.

Away from the conflict, Optimus and Prowl agree that Prowl will remain in the area with Hound, Cliffjumper, Trailbreaker, and Mirage as a reconnaissance team, while Optimus and the other Autobots will return to the Ark for repairs and further deliberations on how to handle the recent developments.

The Decepticons are loaded into Shockwave's ship, which takes off to return to Cybertron, leaving behind Blitzwing to meet up with Security Team Dion, who will round up the Autobots. Rumble and Frenzy are dispatched to monitor Megatron's body in the loading bay while the rest of the Earth Decepticons are loaded into stasis to undergo re-education, despite Starscream's reservations.

In the Ark, Ironhide and Ratchet listen to the Autobots' debate about what their next move should be. Gears is willing to give peace a chance to return to Cybertron, while Bluestreak disagrees, refusing to forgive the Decepticons for their past crimes. Grimlock arrives and characteristically suggests that it's time for action.

In Alaska, Prowl's team is hunted by Ramjet and Dirge, as Prowl radios for help from the Ark, Mirage stops him and introduces the leader of security team Dion.

In space, Megatron tries to awaken aboard Shockwave's ship, but Starscream opens the bay doors, dropping Megatron out of the ship. Rumble and Frenzy hold on, as Starscream fires one last shot at Megatron, blasting off his helmet.


Writer: Brad Mick
Pencils: Pat Lee
Inks: Rob Armstrong
Backgrounds: Edwin Garcia
Layout assists: Ferd Poblete
Colors: Espen Grundetjern, Alan Wang, Rob Ruffolo
Letters: Paul Villafuerte

  • Release date: April 16, 2003
  • Chronology: Modern era

Featured characters

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Autobots Decepticons


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Items of note

  • The Autobot vessel was last seen on the final pages of the first Dreamwave miniseries.
  • The reason Scourge was in an Autobot vessel was unexplained until the Generation One ongoing comic.
  • It is revealed that Wheeljack survived death by blowing his energy reserves to stop the metal virus in the previous miniseries, although Jazz does make mention of it being a very near thing.
  • Ironhide's enmity toward Grimlock is due to Grimlock's time serving with the Decepticons in the previous miniseries.
  • Security Team Dion derives its name from Dion, a friend of Orion Pax who some crazy people thought might be the same person as Ultra Magnus, but come on that's just crazy talk that only a fool would buy into.
  • The "Wavelengths" page features an article from the desk of Pat Lee, wherein he mentions that he penciled one page in bed with a fever. The photo shows him holding a Wobuffet.
  • A one-shot issue starring Optimus Prime was planned to bridge the gap between the two mini-series. This ultimately fell through, and was replaced by an expository paragraph inside the front cover of this issue that sets the scene for an otherwise confusing beginning. This paragraph was omitted in the Trade Paperback editions. Whups.

Covers (5)

  • A three-page wide foldout Autobot cover, featuring the Autobots facing off against Blitzwing, Octane, and Astrotrain. Art by Pat Lee.
  • A three-page wide foldout Decepticon cover, featuring the Decepticons facing off against Broadside and Sandstorm. The Decepticon cover could connect to the Autobot cover to form an image six pages wide. Art by Pat Lee.
  • An incentive Shockwave cover that dealers could order for every 25 regular issues ordered. The Shockwave cover could fit between the Autobot and Decepticon covers.
  • A holofoil cover featuring Megatron, released a week after the regular covers. Art by Pat Lee.
  • A limited-to-700 Dynamic Forces cover by Bill Sienkiewicz, released a month after the issue first hit stands.


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