The New Jersey base is a Decepticon operations center in the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation One continuity family.

Giant robots living in the dump... yup, that's New Jersey alright!

Scorponok's forces initially made their home aboard the starship that brought them to Earth. After several months, they finally established a land-based presence in their New Jersey base.


Marvel Comics continuity

The subterranean base located in the meadowland swamps of northeastern New Jersey, within sight of the Midtown Manhattan skyline. The location was prompted by a plan to channel storm energy through the Empire State Building in nearby New York City. The plan failed, but the Decepticons did not bother to relocate. King 'Con!

The base featured an emergency exit that required one to swim/wade through the muck of the swamps.

The base was severely damaged when Shockwave and Starscream made their bid to overthrow Scorponok as Decepticon leader. ...All This and Civil War 2It was presumably left abandoned as all the Transformers on Earth were teleported to Cybertron shortly thereafter. Out of Time!

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