This article is about the location on the planet Earth. For the similarly named location on Ganzvort, see New Jersey (Ganzvort).

New Jersey is a location in the United States in the Generation One continuity family.

"Has anyone called the police?"
"Why? It's only Jersey!"
―Random humans in Manhattan[["...All This and Civil War 2"| [src]]]

The state of New Jersey picks up anything that won't fit in New York City. It's got tollways, landfills, swamps, secret alien headquarters, guys with shotguns, and its very own monster. It is known by some humans as "Hell on Earth".


Marvel Comics Continuity

The Scorponok-led Decepticons built their Earth-based headquarters underneath a garbage dump in this New Jersey after the loss of both Ratbat's island ship and Scorponok's starcruiser at the hands of the Underbase-powered Starscream. King Con!

Later, the Autobots landed there to surrender to Scorponok's forces as a prelude to an alliance against Unicron. Scorponok's base was destroyed when Starscream and Shockwave attacked shortly thereafter, and the Transformers within had to escape via an exit through the murky waters surrounding the base, finding themselves stuck in the mud somewhere in the swamps of Jersey. A Decepticon-vs-Decepticon battle ensued, soon spilling over into Manhattan. ...All This and Civil War 2

The Transformers cartoon

The Decepticons set up a facility in the Pine Barrens of central New Jersey, intending to convert hundreds of stolen automobiles into drone warriors. The Autobot Tracks and his pal Raoul tracked them there by posing as a stolen car. Narrowly escaping destruction in the facility, Tracks fled into the wilderness, and was rescued by a squad of his fellow Autobots. A full team of Autobots led by Optimus Prime soon returned to the site and destroyed it, driving the Decepticons off. Make Tracks


The Autobot Ricochet has registered his license plate in the state of New Jersey.


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