New High Council is a new Autobot High Council. They look similar to the old high council, but they disliked Autobots, especially those who affiliated with Team Prime.  

Transformers: Robots in Disguise

Season 1

In Can You Dig It?, in the years after the restoration of Cybertron, and the official disbanding of the Decepticon movement, a new High Council came to govern the planet. They were displeased when Bumblebee illegally used a space bridge to return to Earth. Some time later, they dispatched Jazz to both investigate the crash and distress signal of the Alchemor, and to get answers from Bumblebee. However, after a brief stay on Earth, Jazz promised to smooth things over with the Council on Bumblebee's behalf while he remained behind to capture the Alchemor's escaped Decepticons.

In Sideways, Clampdown attempted to blackmail one of the council members, landing him in prison.

In Hunting Season, Bumblebee still had a price on his head sometime later, which both Drift and Fracture intended to collect on.

Season 2

In Decepticon Island (Part 1), despite Optimus Prime's heroic actions during the war, the High Council largely blamed him and his team for the ruination of Cybertron. The High Council endeavored to bury Optimus's legacy and push the former members of his team into obscurity.

Season 3


Known members

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