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New Avengers/Transformers is a crossover miniseries between comic book companies IDW Publishing and Marvel Comics. Within IDW continuity, the story takes place between the Infiltration and Escalation stories and before the Civil War storyline for Marvel. It is awful.

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The title was written by Stuart Moore and illustrated by Tyler Kirkham. Moore would later write the Spotlight issue for Ramjet, who made his IDW debut in this series.


  • We might be veering dangerously off-topic if we were to point this out, but it should probably be noted that despite appearances, this story isn't congruent with the mainstream Marvel Comics universe ("Earth-616"), even beyond the fact that Transformers are present. At the time this story is intended to take place (between the first two story-arcs of New Avengers, circa mid-2005), Doctor Doom is supposed to be dead, and Carol Danvers was not wearing the costume or going by the codename used in the series. With that said, we now return you to your scheduled dosage of space robots.


Bonus material includes each cover.

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