The Neutro-Fusion Tank is an Action Master vehicle in the Generation One continuity family.

Soundwave fell off the back. But he is back now.

The Neutro-Fusion Tank is a vehicle driven by Megatron while in his Action Master form. It can convert from a battle tank into two separate units: a ground-to-air wire-guided missile launcher and a so-called "jet throne."

Its armaments include:

  • Anti-aircraft photon machine guns
  • Corrosive smoke shells
  • Fusion cannon
  • Heat-seeking mechano-sensors


Generation One

  • Megatron (Action Master Decepticon Attack Vehicle, 1990)

It's always wise to test-drive a new alt-mode before you commit.

Action Master Megatron came packaged with the Neutro-Fusion Tank. Four "corrosive smoke shell" accessories mounted on both sides of the tank.

The pod thing was Megatron's idea, Dr. Eggman! Get used to it!

There are seats for two Action Master figures on the front on either side of the barrel, another seat inside the turret, and four pegs on the back of the tank for standing additional Action Master figures.

The tank's turret could remove and become the "jet throne," which featured flip-out wings, and the body of the tank transformed into a missile-launcher battlestation. The battlestation has two seats on either side behind the missile launchers (non-firing) and a stowing bay in the center for an additional figure.

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