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Nestlé Arcade is a video game for PC, Mac, and mobile phones (Android and iOS only) that ties into Transformers: Robots in Disguise. The game was developed by Marmalade Game Studio.


The player controls one of the Autobots who constantly runs/rides forward. Ahead of them fly Filch and Nightstrike who from time to time throws garbage on the road. Also there are various obstacles, such as cars, rocks, fallen trees, road signs and the abyss, some of which need to be jumped, some which need to be passed under in vehicle mode, and some can simply be bypassed. For extra points, the player can collect the Energon crystals and destroy the Decepticon beacons (the ability to RAM them recharges over time).  

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Sometimes the player will also encounter the chasm that must be jumped using special ramps in car mode.

Codes available on Nesquik packets provide upgrades in-game. Each code can only be entered once, and can be attempted ten times from the moment you enter (or until you exit the game).

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