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G1OmegaSpreem toy

Orange Supreem

"Why can't we get some more realistic colors fitting a real life vechicle/Animals for a TF? Example: A purple wolf Silverbot for the TF line. A rainbow colored Depth charge for TFU. The badly colored Armada Tidalwave. No ones saying paint everything black+grey. just stop using those neon colors & so forth."
―Deathy[1] [src]

There are three ways to define neon:

  • The common usage: A color that is extremely vivid.
  • The scientific usage: A shade of red belonging to that group, which comes from electric current running through the noble gas of the same name.
  • The Transformers usage: Derived from the common usage, this can refer to any color on a Transformers product that an individual (usually one on the more passionate side of the fandom) merely finds ugly. This broad usage means practically any color imagineable can be marginalized as a hated "neon" color. Colors that have been categorized as neon include the following:
    • White
    • Yellow
    • Red (unless it is on a truck)
    • Blue (see previous)
    • Green (unless it is on a construction vehicle)
    • Purple (see previous)
    • Orange (actually, this one fits into the common usage more often than not)
    • Black

... pretty much every known basic color.

Often a neon color will be a complementary accent color, even if that color is extremely unsaturated. Any color schemes that adhere slavishly to a pre-existing Generation One character are exempt from all of the above.

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And the worst of all...

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