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The name or term Nemesis Prime refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Nemesis Prime (disambiguation).

Nemesis Prime is a Unicron-aligned Decepticon from the Universe conflict who travelled to the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

WOOLLY BULLAAAY. Woolly bully.

A Herald of Unicron, Nemesis Prime is a dark clone of an Optimus Prime from another dimension who was left for dead by Megazarak to rot on the shores of the Rust Sea.

The Prime was cloned by Unicron and awoke slowly to the dark god's torture. Completely broken, this Prime is an eternal servant and begs for the consuming nothing of Unicron's victory over the multiverse. Anything is preferable to the flood of infinite suffering that is his existence.

His only weakness is what tiny, rotten portion is left of his honor. He carries the Dead Matrix within him, possibly the only thing that can kill Unicron's enemy, Primus.


Fun Publications Cybertron comics[]


A Habitrail, right through your twisted spark!

Nemesis Prime and Ramjet arrived via dimensional portal over an abandoned Cybertron threatened by the Unicron Singularity. Quickly, they attempted to amass followers to aid them in their attempt to unleash Nemesis Prime's Dead Matrix on Primus's essence, allowing their master Unicron a posthumous victory. Ultimately, the followers amounted to little more than a handful of Scrapmetal.

The pair were countered by Vector Prime and Sentinel Maximus. During a battle with Sentinel Maximus, Nemesis Prime was able to seal himself into Primus's spark chamber alone. However, Nemesis Prime was defeated by Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime and Ultra Magnus, who were en route from the end of the Universe conflict.

Nemesis Prime suffered heavy damage at the hands of Ultra Magnus and was sealed away for repairs, while the Dead Matrix was locked away in the Archives.



  • Nemesis Prime (Ultra, 2004)

"Yeah, YOU get me into mammoth mode, smart guy."

Nemesis Prime is a redeco of Big Convoy, released as a Target exclusive in 2004 as part of the Universe line. He transforms (Good luck with that.) into a woolly mammoth, with a "third mode" composed of robot weaponry emerging from the mammoth's hide. Concealed in the mammoth's head and back are a plasma pulse cannon and a semi-automatic fusion rocket launcher. His arms conceal blood-red painted battle tonfas , and his hips house variable-frequency gatling lasers. Attached to his ankles are a pair of ordnance launchers, the quarrels of which Nemesis Prime has also used in melee combat.

An interesting item to note is the fact that this toy's instruction booklet had the transformation sequence going from beast mode to robot mode while the toy itself was packaged in robot mode. This made it pretty difficult to correctly transform for inexperienced Transformers fans.


  • Alternators Nemesis Prime's bio makes vague reference to that character's life force coming from an "extra-spatial power source of unheard of proportions." According to the author of the bio, the power source was related to Unicron, and when Dr. Arkeville accessed it to animate his creation, he received a spark fragment from the cloning experiments that created this Nemesis Prime.[citation needed]
  • Nemesis Prime and Robots in Disguise Optimus Prime seemed to recognize one another on their first encounter. Nemesis probably recognized Optimus as a version of his former self, and Optimus probably mistook Nemesis as Scourge. Alternate universes are fun!

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