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Nemesis Prime is a monstrous Transformer sent to kill Autobot and Decepticon alike. It scanned the minds of the Transformers and took the form of Optimus Prime, as he was the most powerful and respected in all their minds. As a duplicate of Optimus Prime, Nemesis has all of Prime's strength and power, in addition to his own ability to reconstruct himself.

Nemesis Prime wields the Vorpal Saber, a twisted clone of the Star Saber, and has a Mini-Con partner named Run-Over.

Japanese name (anime): Black Convoy
Japanese name (toy): Scourge


Cartoon continuity

Micron Legend: Linkage mini-comics


Basically, he's not a nice guy. Nice effects, though.

Nemesis Prime was granted the Doomstone and was sent to ravage, devastate and destroy any world he came across, accompanied by Run-Over and the Air Assault Mini-Con Team. The death-agonies and negative psychic energies of the beings he destroyed were stored inside the Doomstone, which was at some point taken from him and later transferred into Ravenus.

Armada cartoon

Voice actor: Paul Dobson (US), Tōru Ōkawa (Japan)

Nemesis Prime was encountered on a strange planet composed of salt and technorganic materials. Nemesis Prime was a Unicron-created being that was very savage and feral in nature, using his Vorpal Saber to nearly destroy several of the Autobots and Decepticons. Although he was beastly and insane, his exact motives and personality were unknown, as he was simply a puppet of Sideways. Nemesis Prime was eventually destroyed by a combined blast from Megatron using the Requiem Blaster and Optimus Prime using his new Overload power unit. Sideways was seen fleeing the scene in trans-phase mode, while Nemesis Prime's remains were scattered about the area. Mysteriously, the planet immediately began to break down and was destroyed without reason or warning. Puppet

Note: It's worth noting that the Transformers encountered Nemesis Prime and this planet only after falling into a black hole that had taken shape due to Unicron's lack of a physical body. Nemesis Prime's current status is unknown, but it ain't looking too good for him.



  • Nemesis Prime with Run-Over (Super-Con, 2003)
A black repaint of the Super-Con version of Armada Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime transforms into a longnosed truck cab of made-up model. Plugging a Mini-Con onto the Powerlinx plug on his robot mode back unlocks a "punching" action that moves his arms back and forth when the plugged-in Mini-Con is pushed up and down. He came with his Mini-Con partner Run-Over, who can also become a handgun Nemesis Prime can hold.
This mold was also used for the Cybertron Deluxe-class version of Optimus Prime and Universe "Battle in a Box" Ultra Magnus.
  • Scourge with Sweep (Super-Con, 2003)
In Japan, Nemesis Prime was only available as a mail-away item from Tele-V Magazine (limited to 5000 pieces) under the name Scourge, a nod to Hasbro's Robots in Disguise Scourge. There are a number of small but significant differences between Hasbro and Takara's versions of the toys; the Hasbro version uses a bluer version of off-black and a sandy-tan color rather than the Takara version's more brownish-black and neutral light gray. The Hasbro version also appears to have a larger number of paint applications in a wider variety of colors.


  • Though technically originating with Scourge, Nemesis Prime started an extensive trend of being the one other character repainted from Prime, as others have come about.
  • The Vorpal Saber he wields could be a reference to the "vorpal blade" described in the poem The Jabberwock, used to slay the said monster. This is probably meant as irony, as Nemesis Prime is more like the Jabberwock itself rather than the hero who kills it.

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