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The name or term Nemesis Prime refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Nemesis Prime (disambiguation).

The Nemesis Prime is a remote control robot designed by MECH and piloted by Silas to impersonate Optimus Prime and build distrust between the government and the Autobots. It was built using MECH's resources and Starscream's Transformation cog.


Prime cartoon

Some time after its creation, Nemesis Prime scanned a vehicle mode exactly like Optimus Prime's and attempted to ram Agent Fowler off the road, but was thwarted by the Autobots. Arcee attempted to chase after him, but was easily defeated.

Silas later had the robot enter a military facility and attack the entire structure, so as to discredit Optimus Prime even more. He destroyed most of the base before the Autobots finally arrived, but when he left, the Autobots were attacked by the military, believing Optimus Prime to be their target.

At a later point, Bumblebee was able to locate MECH's base and was scouting around when Nemesis showed up, Silas tricking him up until Bumblebee attempted to communicate with him. This easily proved to Bumblebee that he was the imposter, but he was defeated by Silas when trying to engage Nemesis Prime.

After defeating the other Autobots when they arrived, Optimus Prime confronted Nemesis Prime. They engaged each other in battle and seemed evenly matched. However, Agent Fowler later showed up at the base and attempted to face Silas, but eventually later revealed that he was trying to buy Optimus some time to defeat Nemesis Prime. The massive beating from Optimus then ended with him punching Nemesis through the floor, resulting in the robot landing on top of Silas and the controls. Nemesis Prime The robot is later revealed to be in storage at a military facility. Grill


File:Prime Nemesis Prime toy.png

  • Nemesis Prime / Megatron / Acid Storm (Bot Shot, 2012)


  • Unlike his predecessors, who were all Black repaints of Prime, he is colored similarly to the real Optimus, albeit with dull colors and a scratched/rusted appearance.

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