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This article is about the evil, sentient Optimus Prime clone. For the mindless remote-control clone, see Optimus Prime clone.

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Specifics: 2008 fiction
Nemesis Prime is a Decepticon from the Generation One continuity family.


Nemesis Prime is the dark mirror of Optimus Prime, a clone of the Autobot leader imbued with many of his abilities but lacking all moral restraint.

Japanese name: Black Convoy


Alternators toy bio

Dr. Arkeville spent years personally constructing Nemesis Prime piece by stolen piece, hiding his handiwork from both Concurrence agents and the Decepticons. Designed to be the ultimate military commander, he had arguably the mightiest Binaltech Transformer body ever constructed, but it remained without a life-force. Dr. Arkeville planned to acquire one by tapping into an amazingly powerful extra-spatial source that the Autobot Translink Project had uncovered. It is unknown whether this final step ever came to fruition.[1]

Note: This is the only known Alternators fiction. While it is clearly based on the Binaltech storyline, borrowing elements with no precedent in English-language canon, it differs from Binaltech's "Black Convoy" bio in some details and may be considered a separate continuity.

Binaltech toy bios

Dr. Arkeville, seeking to create an evil leader greater than Megatron, used a subspace impulse cloner to duplicate Optimus Prime (with a snazzy black-and-teal paint job). It is unknown if Arkeville was aware of the Optimus Prime clone previously created by Megatron, but in any case the doctor's approach was somewhat different, as he wanted a sentient being, not a remote-controlled drone. To this end, Arkeville twisted Prime's imported essence to evil with a rewriting program, but the clone still lacked life. He experimented with a subspace linkup to channel a life force, but the operation was interrupted: A time warp suddenly appeared and produced a mysterious orb which touched the clone body, causing the clone to both activate and vanish.

Meanwhile, on Dinobot Island, the Autobots were enacting Operation: Distant Thunder to undo Ravage's temporal damage. The Autobots had just send a drone into the past with the intent of restoring the timeline and erasing their own wayward branch. But instead of seeing a clean reversion to the "proper" timeline, the Autobots watched in dismay as events remained unchanged and warp holes erupted across the planet. At that moment, Arkeville's clone appeared before them, extending his hands as an orb of light engulfed first the island, then the entire world. The warp holes were extinguished, and the clone announced that both the original timeline and this branch had been saved. The Autobots' warning to the past had preserved the original timeline, and the spark that had possessed the Prime-clone had used both the power within itself and the power of the time warp to preserve the variant branch. The Autobots continued questioning this "Black Optimus," who explained that he was a spark who had been sent back in time from the distant future by one known as the Protector. His mission was to preserve the Binaltechs, who would bring about the Alternity, a "great existence" involving beings who would ensure prosperity and protection across the multiverse.

Suddenly, the clone's core AI asserted itself, and he began taunting the Autobots, even manifesting a Decepticon symbol on his body. Using what remained of the Protector's power, the clone rejected his foreign spark and formed a warp portal back to Arkeville's lab. Reduced to an automated state, the clone still was able to leap through the portal to its creator. There, the doctor initiated another subspace translink experiment, this one succeeding in connecting the clone to an ancient, evil, greedy life force. At last, Arkeville's creation became Nemesis Prime.[2]

What happened to Dr. Arkeville after that is unknown, but soon after activation, Nemesis Prime began to make his move. The confrontation with Megatron inevitably happened, but it was halted before more than insults could be exchanged. For Mirage had accomplished his mission, and Megatron was frozen before the battle could actually start; every Transformer who hadn't undergone a Binaltech conversion was instantly deactivated. Nemesis Prime calmly seized the opportunity to take power, ordering Shockwave to gather as many Decepticon bodies as possible. Seeing the logic in this order, Shockwave complied. Nemesis Prime sat on Megatron's throne and plotted future moves.[citation needed]

Universe Classic Series toy bio

Nemesis Prime was the product of a mad plan by Straxus, who put a lowly, unknown warrior through an excruciating rebuilding process, tortuously reforging him into the very image of Optimus Prime. Through forcible data uploads and brainwashing, the Decepticon was imbued with memories and skills culled from many sources, giving him much of Optimus Prime's knowledge and combat algorithms. This, however, cost him not just his sense of identity, but also any framework with which to process this knowledge. His creator having since perished, Nemesis Prime became a threat to all, skulking in the dark parts of Cybertron and targeting both Autobots and Decepticons in his murderous insanity.[3]



  • Nemesis Prime (2006)
    • Alternators ID number: 24
    • Accessories: Engine/blaster

In Australia, I'm a shelf-warmer.

Nemesis Prime is a black redeco of Alternators/Kiss Players Optimus Prime with red translucent windows and blue paint detail. Like Optimus, he transforms into a Dodge Ram SRT-10 at 1:24 scale, with opening doors, hood, and tailgate, plus an open passenger compartment. His engine transforms into a handgun.
He was initially sold exclusively at San Diego Comic-Con 2006 and limitedly at Hasbro Toy Shop, selling out roughly an hour after its 2pm sales debut. Prior to that, he was released in large quantities at regular retail in various Asian countries, becoming a shelfwarmer there, ironically.
Later, he was offered in Australia through online stores. A few weeks later he showed up in massive numbers in the Australian retail store Toy World for half the price.


  • Black Convoy (2007)
    • Japanese ID number: BT-17
    • Accessories: Engine/blaster

I am the evil clone of an evil clone! How do you beat this?

Black Convoy is the first Binaltech release since Skids in early 2006, and was available exclusively in Japan at the winter Wonder Festival in 2007. His plastic colours are slightly different from Nemesis Prime's, with grey plastic replacing the black on his shins, waist, shoulders and forearms. In addition, Nemesis Prime's windows are tinted red, but Black Convoy's windows are completely clear. His paint deco is based upon Kiss Players Convoy's, arranged in the same patterns but using teal, and he has vacuum-metallized wheels and front grill. Perhaps the most important differences are that he has die-cast metal parts, and most of his truck body panels are coated in gloss black paint.
Perhaps due to cost-cutting, this toy was released in the large bubble-on-a-tray packaging also used in the Alternators line. However, he came with no character or packaging art.

Titanium Series

  • Nemesis Prime (3" Cybertron Heroes)
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, display stand
Had it been released, this toy would have been a repaint of War Within Optimus Prime. His unpublished bio described a character much like the Universe version mentioned above, but without reference to Straxus or any type of origin story. As a redeco of a War Within toy, this Nemesis would presumably - but not necessarily - have been part of the Dreamwave comics continuity,
Your bargaining posture is highly dubious.

Proceed on your way to oblivion.
This item has been canceled, with no current plans for release.

Universe (2008)

Straxus died before he could finish my trailer.

  • Nemesis Prime (Voyager, 2008)
    • Accessories: 2 smokestacks/"Stellar Convertor Cannon", wind vane/"Disruptor Cannon"
A San Diego Comic Con 2008 exclusive and part of the Classics Series of the 2008 Universe, Nemesis Prime is a redeco of Classics Optimus Prime, transforming into a modern cab-over style truck of made up model, dominated by a large aero fairing on his roof. He was not designed to pull a trailer, and subsequently does not come with one.
In robot mode, his aero fairing transforms into a large "Disruptor Cannon", and his smokestacks transform into a smaller "Stellar Convertor Cannon". Additionally, both can combine together to form a back-mounted shoulder weapon.
This mold was also used to make Classics Ultra Magnus and the evil "Shattered Glass" Optimus Prime. In fact, counting the Henkei! Henkei! redecos, this is the sixth version of this mold released within two years. You milk those completists, Hastakomy, you milk 'em good...


  • Black Convoy (2010)
    • Japanese ID number: MP-01B
    • Accessories: Ion Blaster, Autobot Matrix of Leadership, Megatron (gun mode), Energon Axe, cardboard trailer
Black Convoy is a black redeco of Optimus Prime


  • Nemesis Prime's Universe bio seems directly inspired by the Marvel UK "Two Megatrons" storyline, which revealed that Straxus had rebuilt a "hapless trooper" into a Megatron clone, complete with copied brain patterns. Unlike Nemesis Prime, however, this clone became a repository for Straxus' consciousness after Straxus' botched attempt to invade the original Megatron's mind.

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