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Nemesis Prime (ネメシスプライム Nemeshisu Puraimu) is a duplicate of Optimus Prime created by Bloody Knockout in the knowledge that the Autobots would hesitate to attack someone who looks like their beloved leader. He is currently under the command of Lockdown.

On the moment of Megatronus's defeat, an evil presence emanated from his wounds and resonated with Nemesis Prime, who took its power into himself and was powered up into a new form.



Return! The Most Evil Duo

Requiring a particular part from Ultra Magnus to finish Nemesis Prime, Bloody Knock Out hired Runabout and Runamuck to acquire it for him.



  • Nemesis Prime (Deluxe, 2015-04-25)
    • Japanese ID number: TAV-13
    • Accessories: Axe


A redeco of Robots in Disguise Warrior Class Optimus Prime in black, teal, and red and transforms into a futuristic truck. Due to it's simple transformation scheme, He has a faux window chest in robot mode, while the end of the front trailer kibble has extra toes. Like Warrior Class Optimus Prime, Nemesis Prime also comes with an axe, which was based on the Energon Axe weapon from the War of Cybertron game. Undocumented in the instructions, Nemesis Prime's axe can store between his trailer, or plug his axe on either of his shoulder's ports.
His scannable Decepticon insignia is on his robot-mode left shoulder. Scanning this in the Transformers Adventure Mobile Apps unlocks the toy to the app's collection list.
  • Nemesis Prime (Deluxe, 2016-09-24)
    • Japanese ID number: TAV-56
    • Accessories: Axe, 2 swords
This Nemesis Prime is a redeco of Warrior Class Power Surge Optimus Prime. Nemesis comes with a pair of swords, which can be attached to his 5mm-compatible hands or the top of the truck/back port to serve as the robot's wings. Most notably, Nemesis Prime features retooled truck hood/shoulder parts to make the hands more evident. As a retool of the original Warrior Class Optimus Prime toy, he retains his axe accessory.

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