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Nemesis Enforcer is a creature from the Generation One continuity family.
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A soulless abomination made of carrion and hate, Nemesis Enforcer was created by Golobulus to enforce his will, and to advance the sinister agenda of Cobra-La. While he communicates solely in animalistic growls, his lethal powers—his immense strength, silent wings, and slashing blades—speak for themselves.

He apparently hibernates periodically, sealed in a fluid-filled pod. While hibernating, he takes on the appearance of a shriveled, desiccated corpse, but can be awakened and restored to vitality with blood. He is then compelled to obey the individual whose blood awakened him.

"Nemesis Enforcer. Golobulus must be ticked if he's sending you after me, you rotten slab of leftovers."
Joe Colton[[Black Horizon #2| [src]]]


Devil's Due G.I. Joe vs the Transformers continuity

At the dawn of humanity, Nemesis Enforcer was among the Cobra-La party that conferred with Unicron. Black Horizon #1

160,000 years later, he, Pythona, and a contingent of Royal Guardsmen recruited Doctor Mindbender into the legions of Cobra-La at a remote government facility. G.I. Joe vs. the Transformers II #4 The Matrix-empowered Hawk experienced a vision of Nemesis Enforcer, Mindbender, and Unicron. The Art of War #5

Some time later, the Enforcer went into stasis. Black Horizon #1 After the escape of Joe Colton from Cobra-La's custody, Golobulus ordered Pythona to awaken the Enforcer. Rousing him from his slumber and restoring his vitality with her own blood, Pythona commanded him to find and slay Colton. Finding him and his companions Hawk and Optimus Prime disrupting the ritual sacrifice of Firewall, the Enforcer attacked Colton, who promptly sliced off one of his wings. Taking the battle to the ground, Nemesis Enforcer began to brutally beat the old soldier. As the Enforcer prepared to deliver the killing blow, he was slain by Pythona, who had been moved by Colton's appeal to her compassionate side. Black Horizon #2

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