Sucks to be Defensor and Superion.

Predaking was a Decepticon warrior who was the combined form of all 5 Predacons during the Generation 1.



Cartoon series

Zone OVA and manga


Stupidest. Head. EVER.

(Predaking is referred to as one of the 9 Decepticon Demon Generals. This terminology, accompanied with Violen Jygar's supernatural origin and the presence of dead Decepticons in the ranks implies that Predaking had died previously to Zone and was brought back to life.)

Predaking was selected by Violen Jygar as one of his 9 Decepticon Demon-Generals. Gifted with new weaponry and armor, Violen Jygar sent Predaking to the Planet Zone to steal the Zodiac before the Autobots could get it. He failed, however, and after seeing the likes of King Poseidon and Trypticon get killed in battle, attempted to escape. His escape was thwarted by Dai Atlas, who sliced him to two from head to crotch, exposing his vaguely organic-looking brain and killing the Decepticon.

Marvel Comic

Dreamwave comic


  • Predaking (1986, 2004)
Japanese ID number: D-78
Hasbro only released the individual Predacons, but a giftset was avalible in Japan.
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