Nemesis Breaker is a Decepticon in the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Don't blink, he doesn't appear this way real often.

Nemesis Breaker says, "Rarrr!" That's because he's a soulless, sparkless creature of rage, seemingly nothing more than a physical manifestation of Megatron's power and hatred, as well as Leobreaker's jealousy over Optimus Prime's usage of Wing Saber as his new magic mushroom.

Japanese name: Dark Ligerjack
Polish name: Nemesis Wielki ("Great Nemesis"? This is seriously wrong.)
Russian name: Уничтожитель врагов ("Enemy destructor" Dubbers are jerks, aren't?)


Cybertron cartoon continuity

When Megatron returned as a ghost after his defeat in the fire dimension, the black fog, revealed to be Unicron's shadow spark, that surrounds him ensnare Leobreaker, creating Nemesis Breaker, a sparkless clone of base animal instincts. Megatron claimed that the beast was created out of Leobreaker's anger and jealousy over Optimus Prime's preference of selling the latest toy that combines with him... er, that is, the latest team member that gives him a new powered-up mode. Darkness

When Megatron got his ass beat down bad by Metroplex, Nemesis Breaker disappeared, presumably into a plot hole, though it's curious that whatever happened to him didn't have any effect on Crumplezone, who had recently been brought back from death's door as Dark Crumplezone by the use of the same mystery doodah that Megatron made Nemesis Breaker out of. Giant

Later, when Megatron tapped into the Gigantion Cyber Planet Key and upgraded into the über-powerful Galvatron shortly afterwards, it seems he didn't care enough to recreate Nemesis Breaker.



Nemesis breaker toy

Gray Cat Strut.

  • Nemesis Breaker (Voyager-class, 2005/2006)
    • Japanese ID number: EX-01
    • Accessories: Tail/whip, Jungle Planet-type Cyber Key
A redeco of Leobreaker in the typical-to-evil-clones scheme of black and dark gray with turquoise trim, Nemesis Breaker transforms into a robotic lion with electronic sounds. Plugging a Cyber Planet Key into each of his forelegs/forearms flips down a pair of claws. He can also form something resembling a clawed arm that can be attached to the Cybertron Leader-Class Optimus Prime and Megatron molds. He comes with a silver-bordered Jungle Planet style Cyber Key; the Hasbro version has the Key code "v6f5".
The Takara version of the toy was released first, as a Toys 'R' Us exclusive. (It was originally solicited as a normal retail release with the ID number "GD-14", but supposedly, low sales of Galaxy Force forced several larger show-toys into being exclusives.) The Hasbro version was released at normal retail, and had numerous small paint application changes, most notably the Decepticon-sigil "tattoo" being on his right shoulder, rather than left.
This mold was used as the model for the non-toy body for the Generation One Predacon Razorclaw in the "Dawn of Future's Past" comic book.


  • The television CGI model of Nemesis Breaker used during the combiner sequence animation, as well as the representation of the combined arm mode is based upon a modified version of one of the original prototypes of Leobreaker, who had a much more complex and believable 'arm-mode'.
  • Despite his packaging marking him as being from the Jungle Planet, Nemesis Breaker never even so much as set foot on that world. Also, the bio states that he was created by Galvatron, whom Megatron did not (re-)assume until AFTER Nemesis Breaker is wiped out in a highly pathetic way.
  • The only times he's actually in Robot Mode that does not involve Dark Claw transformation is in the episodes Escape and Warp.

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