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The Nemesis is the starship used by Starscream and the Decepticons in their search for the lost Megatron and the All Spark.


Transformers: Ghosts of Yesterday


Is there a single Cybertronian ship they actually use to travel through space anymore?

The Nemesis, under the command of Starscream, comes across the Ghost 1 and the Ark. Built specifically to look imposing and ominous the Nemesis is still more of a transport than a warship and has relatively limited combat abilities. Barricade tends to act as pilot and science officer, although whether that is an actual assigned role or something temporary is unknown.


Note: Brawl was not present in Ghosts of Yesterday, or at least not mentioned.

The Reign Of Starscream

Starscream "landed" the Nemesis on Mars, and while he and his team went to Earth, his fellow seeker Thundercracker remained to guard the ship and begin construction of a space bridge terminal. Starscream used the terminal to transport the ship to Trypticon.



  • The existence of the Nemesis and Ark in the prequel novel initially ran counter to the intentions of the movie's screenplay writers who stated that they created the cometary protoforms of the cast specifically because they felt Transformers would not need or use starships for space travel.
  • However, Roberto Orci later revealed that spaceships were included in a draft of the script [1], although this would ultimately not be mentioned in the film itself. Following its release Orci, in response to a fan's question, stated that the Autobots "crossed interstellar space in a larger ship and then entered our orbit in pod-like protoform" [2]. Whether the same applies to the Decepticons is unknown but it most likely does.
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