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The name or term Nemesis refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Nemesis (disambiguation).

The Nemesis is a space ship in the Generation 1 continuity family.

"Prepare for ship-to-ship intimacy."

The Nemesis is a legendary Decepticon warship, famous for being the Decepticon ship which ambushed the Ark.

Note: The Nemesis is never named in the original animated series nor in the Marvel comics, and was not named until Beast Wars.


Marvel Comics continuity

(Note: Events from the UK Marvel Comics are identified with italics.)

Megatron and his crew of Decepticons used the Nemesis to chase Optimus Prime and his crew of Autobots out into deep space. Eventually, the Decepticons boarded the Ark, the Autobots' ship, and left the Nemesis orbiting Earth. The Ark then crashed into Earth with all the Transformers onboard, deactivating them and leaving the Nemesis in orbit with Shockwave to watch it. The Transformers (comic issue)

The Nemesis remained undisturbed, hidden from Earthling view with superior cloaking technology. In 2006, Galvatron traveled back in time to the year 1986 in order to build a large laser cannon to destroy Unicron. Upon completing the cannon, Galvatron tested its effectiveness on the orbiting Nemesis, destroying the ship with a single blast. Target: 2006

During the Decepticon Civil War, Shockwave's base was the Nemesis, which he had parked at the bottom of the ocean 4 million years ago when he fought the Dinobots.

Original Nemesis Crew

The crew consisted of:

Note: The ship's identity and part of its backstory was revealed in the letters page, which directly conflicts the earlier UK story. Simon Furman wrote both stories, though not necessarily the letters page.

Cartoon continuity

When the Decepticons play a game of Asteroids, it's quite literal.

The Nemesis was the ship used by the Decepticons to pursue the Autobots. All the Decepticons left the ship to board the Ark and both ships ended-up crashing on prehistoric Earth. More Than Meets the Eye, Part 1

Before the crash, however, several objects were ejected from the ship, including an escape pod A Plague of Insecticons and what would become the Pearl of Bahoudin. Trans-Europe Express

Original Nemesis Crew

Before the Decepticons boarded the Ark, the crew consisted of

It's equally possible that Blitzwing, Frenzy, and the Conehead jets were also aboard the Ark, possibly among the numerous generic characters seen in More Than Meets The Eye.

Eh, it's not so big

In 1985, archaeologists eventually discovered the wreck of the Nemesis in South America. Once Soundwave relayed the news to Megatron, the Decepticons deployed immediately. Upon arriving, Megatron removed the Nemesis's power-source, the Heart of Cybertron and had Hook then install it in him. Imbued with near-limitless power, Megatron then attempted to destroy the Autobots, and almost succeeded, until the Heart of Cybertron was removed from his body and destroyed by Perceptor, Brawn and Bumblebee. Microbots

Beast Wars

And in four million years, its sister ship crashes into the ocean, coming full circle.

The Nemesis was the flagship of the Decepticon fleet, and the most powerful warship ever built.

Megs wanted his victims to know who it was that blew them up.

According to myth, it was responsible for shooting down the Ark. It was revealed that Tarantulas had discovered the wreckage of the Nemesis deep under water, and had been refurbishing it for unknown purposes. Following Tarantulas' death, Megatron discovered the rebuilt ship and commandeered it as a last ditch attempt to rewrite history and destroy the Ark. Nemesis Part 1

Using the Nemesis's awesome power, Megatron managed to kill Tigerhawk as well as Inferno and Quickstrike by accident. In the final battle, the Nemesis's controls were severely damaged by Rhinox and Optimus Primal. Out of control, the ship flew eastwards into the rising sun, turning slowly south and eventually crashing (unseen) several thousand miles away. Nemesis Part 2

Tactical systems

Skywarp, Rumble, and Thrust liked to write messages on the missiles.

"I will say this for my namesake; he liked his artillery big, and plentiful."
―Beast Wars Megatron on Nemesis's armaments[["Nemesis, Part 2"| [src]]]

Even for the flagship of the Decepticon space fleet, one might have considered the armament on the Nemesis to be overkill. In addition to the standard energy weapons used by the Decepticons, the vessel carried a massive amount of missiles, which could be fired slowly in a swarm of rocket propelled death. A tractor beam could pull anything beneath it up to be sliced and grounded up by rotating blades and drills. The blades were incredibly sharp, being able to slice through solid rock.

"A second fusion cannon is unworkable, Megatron." "Silence, Starscream!"

Given that Megatron himself would have be the ship's normal commander, it should not be surprising that the primary weapon on the Nemesis was a fusion cannon. The fusion cannon was powered by its own reactor, apparently separate from the main Energon supply. The reactor needed to be at one hundred percent capacity to fire a blast, and would require a powerup time between blasts.

The ship also featured systems to enable the forced boarding of enemy ships. A pair of magnetic couplings amidships allowed for the Nemesis to forcibly establish a magnetic junction between herself and the unfortunate target, and a boarding chute could be released from within the hull to allow crew-members to cross the gap between ships. The tip of the chute could also be heated to cut through hull plating at least as thick as that used on the Ark.

Tactically the ship had two main weaknesses. During the flight from Cybertron a heavy meteor shower required so much power to maintain the shields that Nemesis was forced to fly in the Ark's wake in order to survive. Given that a similar energy crisis shortly affected the Ark as well, it would seem that both ships were weakened by the lack of energy on Cybertron. Ergo, the Nemesis functioned best when well-fueled, otherwise her size and power requirements could make the ship a liability.

The second weakness was placing all the main tactical, command and fire-control systems in the prominent dorsal conning tower. Though the location provided a excellent viewpoint for piloting the ship and directing combat (and was presumably well armored and shielded), it also made for a compelling target, as happened in the final act of the Beast Wars when Rhinox piloted an Autobot shuttle straight into the conning tower in a kamikaze run, taking out the bridge and crippling the ship, which flew rudderless until crashing in South America, where in the 20th century human excavations would unearth her Nemesis Part 2 Microbots.

Dreamwave comics continuity

After returning to Earth following Shockwave's defeat on Cybertron, Starscream used the Nemesis as his base of operations. It is unknown if the warship had previously been used for this purpose by the Decepticons or if Starscream rediscovered it after returning to Earth.

The technical specifications for the Nemesis were:

  • Estimated length: 2.5 miles
  • Wingspan: 1.75 miles
  • Height: 1.25 miles


  • In the beggining of first episode of Armada anime, there is the Autobot ship defending the mini con vessel, and a Decepticon ship that attacks it. The Decepticon ship looks exactly like the Nemesis. In the original Japanese version, Micron Legend (which was intended to be a sequal to G1) an Autobot mentions over the com that they are being attacked by the "Destron flagship".
  • Energon Sharkticon's vehicle mode was originally designed to resemble the Nemesis, and his early working name was "Decepticon Nemesis".
  • According to Beast Wars Universe, the Nemesis originally crashed into Atlantic Ocean. After the event from the episode Nemesis Part 2, this time the Nemesis crashed into a mountain located in Mexico.
  • According to the Microbots episode, the star drive onboard the Nemesis contains a Cybertronian alloy known as Cybertroid alloy.
  • 'Movie Devastator's vortex grinder may be some kind of homage to Nemesis' tractor beam, since it has giant gears/grinders/blades and light behind them. If it is, then Mudflap makes a very poor Optimus.