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The name or term Nemesis refers to more than one character or idea. For a list of other meanings, see Nemesis (disambiguation).

Nemesis is a Predacons spacecraft from the Beast Wars II portion of the Generation One/Beast Era continuity family.

Nemesis: 1, Solar System: 0

Nemesis is a massive spacecraft built by the Predacon Emperor of Destruction, Galvatron. Nemesis is enormous - the size of an entire planet. The "eye" situated in the front of the ship has the ability to "suck" energy from planets. In the case of Gaea, Nemesis was used to drain every ounce of Angolmois energy from within the planet.


Beast Wars II[]

After traveling through transwarp space, the Maximals and the Predacons arrived on the strange planet Gaea, a world brimming over with a chaotic and powerful energy source known as Angolmois. Galvatron, leader of the Predacons, sought to steal the Angolmois and use its power in the Predacon resistance on planet Cybertron. However, Lio Convoy stood in his way time and again.


Sauron called, he wants his gimmick back.

In reality, their minor skirmishes over single pools of Angolmois were nothing more than a stall tactic. Galvatron had ordered the incredible Predacon spacecraft, Nemesis, to follow him to Gaea. On its trek to Gaea, Nemesis devoured two planets within Gaea's solar system (which were, in reality, Jupiter and Saturn of the distant future). Once the Nemesis reached the planet it used its ability to "suck" energy to drain Gaea of all its Angolmois. The Predacons then boarded the spacecraft and prepared to attack Cybertron. Before the Predacons could leave Gaea's orbit, Lio Convoy and the Maximals invaded the spacecraft in a last ditch attempt to stop the villains. While Lio Convoy and Lio Junior kept Galvatron busy, Scuba managed to seal all the Angolmois into capsules and send them flying off into outer space, depowering Nemesis. Not to be denied, Galvatron activated his Galva-Matrix and set the colossal ship to self-destruct. The destruction of the spacecraft killed Galvatron, sent the Predacons adrift helplessly through space and trapped all the Maximals within a wormhole.