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The Nemesis was the mobile base and warship for the Decepticons. It moves anywhere, Megatron wishes to anywhere on Earth including the vastness of space. During the war for Cybertron, his appearance struck fear into the sparks of the Autobots and has the same and equal might as Omega Supreme. So far, only Metroplex has shown capable of facing him alone in robot mode.

The Nemesis had a numerous amount of weapons built into it and had its own cloaking system, preventing Autobots from simply Ground Bridging into it. Despite this the Autobots would frequently sneak aboard for various missions. It's crew consisted of many Decepticons before being replaced mostly for Vehicon troopers and also temporarily housed the Insecticon hive as well as a single Predacon. As part of Megatron's plan to cyberform Earth, Shockwave constructed a second Omega Lock underneath the ship's hull.

Towards the end of the series after the demise of Megatron and the defeat of the Decepticons, the Nemesis was commandeered by the Autobots and used to reformat Cybertron. The Nemesis also saw action during the second battle against Unicron and his army of Terrorcon Predacons but, crash landed and ended up severely damaged at the entrance to the Well of AllSparks where it currently resides.

However, the dark secret of the Nemesis (other than all that Dark Energon) is that the ship is actually the vehicle mode of the most feared Decepticon titan Trypticon.


Space Station[]

What would become the Nemesis was originally the Trypticon research station. This station orbited Cybertron and was under the command of Starscream, after being demoted from Commander of an Energon seeker squadron. Inside the station was Dark Energon, contained there since Unicron's battle with the Thirteen. For unknown reasons the station was also equipped with a very large cannon that could destroy a starship in one shot. The station was fueled by an Energon bridge for its scientific purposes.

When the Great War started, Starscream chose to ally himself with Megatron, using the captured Sentinel Prime (who he was guarding) as a peace offering. Megatron, accepted Starscream into their ranks seeing how there was little that could stand in the way of Starscream's ambition. He was curious as to the purpose of Starscream's space station and what it might hold. When Starscream took a rare absence from it the Decepticons attacked it, leaving only a few Seekers alive. When Starscream returned he found he had lost his bargaining chip. Megatron forgave Starscream for hiding the Dark Energon as he had done so out of fear and not used it against him. The station, and Starscream's seekers were then officially welcomed into the Decepticon ranks.


400px-WFC One Shall Stand Trailer

Using Dark Energon and the sparks of the dead, Shockwave granted life to the station. When the Autobots tried to leave Cybertron, the station's gun began blasting the transports. The Aerialbots were sent to disable it and when the station itself mocked them they destroyed it's T-Cog revealing Trypticon's monstrous robot mode. After a lengthy battle in the air and on the ground Trypticon fell into stasis and became a fuel source for the Autobots.


When the planet became too corrupted to support life, the Decepticons too had to leave the planet and needed a starship to do so. Megatron and Soundwave traveled to Iacon to retrieve Trypticon's power core for use in building a ship. Upon arrival they learned the Autobots had not actually removed the core and they could use Trypticon's body as their ship. Megatron informed the dormant giant, that if he could hear him, it was not a rescue mission and this was punishment for failing to destroy Optimus Prime. Soundwave said that due to the damages sustained the Nemesis would become Trypticon's permanent form.


For millions of years, the Nemesis was used as the flagship of the Decepticon fleet. It was crewed by thousands of Vehicons. Eventually, Megatron left to try and find more warriors and the ship fell under Starscream's command. After capturing and getting information from Arcee and Cliffjumper he ordered the ship to Earth so they could acquire the Energon there and destroy Optimus Prime.

Flying Mind[]

Bulkhead was accidentally brought aboard and to escape destroyed the ship's power core causing it to crash. To repair it, Megatron used Dark Energon which brought Trypticon back to life, though Megatron or the others did not seem to recognize him. He took control of their systems and locked anyone who interfered in his mission of decoding the Iacon database, into stasis. He revealed that despite being a starship, he had been listening to Megatron all those years ago. He said "your will is nothing" and tormented his former leader through their Dark Energon link, similar to Unicron's way of torturing Megatron and locked him in stasis, likely as revenge for his act against him in the past. As Trypticon was not scanning for carbon based life, he allowed Jack, Miko and Raf to infiltrate his body and download the four Iacon coordinates and cut off his link to the Dark Energon, returning him to stasis.


When Smokescreen was discovered to be the final Iacon entry he was brought aboard the ship and had the last Omega Key removed from his body. After stealing back his Phase Shifter he stole the two Omega Keys the Decepticons had and jumped off the ship.


When the fortress was created, the final act of the warship was to destroy theAutobot base using its main cannon. It was parked at Darkmount's docking station. Despite Darkmount, the command staff of the Decepticons spent much time of its bridge hunting for Autobots. Smokescreen infiltrated it to find the Forge of Solus Prime. When Darkmount was destroyed, it was relaunched and resumed its function as a mobile headquarters.

Omega Lock 2.0[]

The rebuilt Lock was attached to the underbelly of the Nemesis and was almost complete when Ratchet was recruited to complete the Synthetic Energon formula. After he did so he tried to escape the warship only for Megatron himself to stop him. Ratchet was handed over to Predaking for extermination but managed to turn the beast against the Nemesis crew by convincing him that the Autobots were set up to kill his Predacon clones. During his battle with Megatron, Predaking was ejected from the ship. No sooner, was that battle against the beast over, that the final one against the Autobots began, putting the ship on red alert. Optimus and Megatron engaged in their final battle, while the Stealth Team fought Starscream's armada. Shockwave fought Ratchet for the Omega Lock, Jack and an Apex Armor clad Miko secured the bridge (banishing Soundwave to the Shadowzone in the process) while the Wreckers killed most of the Vehicons. When Megatron was killed, Starscream, Shockwave and the three (known) surviving Vehicons escaped the ship. The Autobots took the ship to Cybertron using the Omega Lock to restore the planet and parking the ship above the Well of Allsparks. Predaking, who had clung on unnoticed by anyone, flew off to live somewhere on his restored planet.

Predacons Rising[]

As the Autobots began restoring Cybertron and hunting down Shockwave and Starscream, Bumblebee was made the captain (and sole crew member) of the Nemesis. He kept it above Iacon and spent his time interrogating prisoners. He was unable, however, to use its tracking system to locate Starscream and Shockwave. When Ultra Magnus was severely injured Ratchet returned to Cybertron and monitored him in the Nemesis sick bay. The ship was used in the final battle against Unicron, despite a failed attempt at re-taking it by Starscream and Knock Out. Ratchet and Ultra Magnus were left in Iacon so Magnus could recover. Bulkhead piloted it to the Well of AllSparks and unleashed every weapon at the Predacon Terrorcons. However one Terrorcon struck the ship and Bulkhead lost control sending it to a crash landing. It landed next to the Well, now charred and useless.


Before becoming the Nemesis, Trypticon was shown to be a powerful, destructive, and loyal follower of Megatron. However, after being punished by Megatron for his failure and locked into stasis, Trypticon went against his former leader and was shown to have not forgotten or forgiven his leader's cruel act, and kept a huge grudge against him after being revived by Dark Energon, though Megatron seemed to not remember Trypticon or recognize his voice at all after his revival.


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  • Megatron (Online) - Former Leader, abandoned the Decepticons.
  • Starscream (Online) - Second-in-command. Jailed on Cybertron in Robots in Disguise.
  • Soundwave - Communications chief, trapped in the Shadowzone, then released years later as seen in Robots in Disguise. Jailed on Cybertron in Robots in Disguise.
  • Knock Out (Formerly) - former medic, joined the Autobots.
  • Breakdown (Offline) - Knock Out's assistant, killed by Arachnid.
  • Makeshift (Offline) - Decepticon spy, killed by Wheeljack's grenade.
  • Airachnid (Online but undead) - became second-in-command after Starscream left the Decepticons. Was locked in stasis and later got out and was infected by Dark Energon and became a  Terrorcon vampire.
  • Shockwave - was found on Cybertron by Knock Out and experimented on Predacons, last seen on Cybertron.
  • Dreadwing (Offline) - became second-in-command after Airachnid left the Decepticons. Shot with in the back with his own Energon cannon by Megatron.
  • Hardshell (Offline) - Insecticon leader, was killed by Miko.
  • Bombshock (Offline) - Insecticon who stole a Predacon bone, was drained of Energon by Airachnid.
  • Thundercracker (Offline) - former Seeker Scientist, devoured by Sharkticons.
  • Skywarp (Offline) - former Seeker Scout, devoured by Gnaw.
  • Slipstream - former Seeker, left behind on Junkion. Her fate remains unknown.
  • Hotlink (Offline) - former seeker, devoured by Sharkticons.
  • Bitstream - seeker, His fate is unknown.
  • Ramjet (Offline) - former seeker, devoured by Sharkticons.
  • Dirge - seeker, his fate is unknown.
  • Vehicons - Decepticon foot soldiers. The survivings joined the Autobots
  • Steve - Unique Vehicon named. Last seen on Cybertron helping the Autobots.
  • Insecticons (Offline) - Decepticon foot soldiers, all of them were killed after being eaten by an undead Airachnid.
  • Predaking (Formerly) - Predacon who turned out to be intelligent enough to transform. Left the Decepticons.
  • Lugnut - Gladiator, last seen on Nemesis before arrival on Earth. His final fate remains unknown.
  • Rampage - Fate unknown
  • Headstrong - Fate unknown
  • Tantrum - Fate unknown


  • The Nemesis was later revealed to be Trypticon, a massive Decepticon warrior back in the Great War
  • The ship was only called by name in "Shadowzone" and even then by Optimus.
  • It's controls are very simple, that a human can actually pilot it. This is evidenced by how in Predacons Rising, while everyone else was busy Bumblebee was able to properly control the ship and its GroundBridge single-handedly.
  • Despite being a secret base, the Autobots infiltrate or get taken aboard it almost every 5 episodes.
  • Trypticon never reveals his name on the show and he only refers himself as "the vessel". The companion book The Art of Prime confirms that Trypticon was indeed the mind awakened in Flying Mind. It is unknown why the show does not refer to him as such. Transformers: Prime stands as the only piece of Aligned media to feature the Nemesis and not make a refrencee to it being Trypticon.
  • The Nemesis has enough weapons to wage war: status ray, Fusion cannons, null rays, ion blasters, stasis ray, and over 20 Energon cannons with one giant cannon at the bottom of the ship.
  • It is currently unknown if Trypticon, as the Nemesis, survived the crash in the movie.
  • It is also unknown if the Nemesis could be repaired or if it's beyond repair.


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