The Negavator is an Autobot weapon from the Generation One continuity.
Negavator 2

Hello, and thank you for activating the M808B Main Battle Tank.

The Negavator was a "superweapon" built by the Autobots on Earth, in cooperation with the military of the United States of America. One of Wheeljack's successful creations, the Negavator was a massive energy weapon mounted on tank-like treads. The center of its turret featured a Transformer-sized cockpit with a dome-shaped cover that had a viewport that looked down along the barrel of the weapon. The cockpit was able to withstand an impact from Ramjet, but it couldn't protect Red Alert from being tackled by Starscream. The Negavator's barrels (looking suspiciously similar to a planetarium projector) extended from the front and rear of the operator's station; however, only one end was shown to actually discharge the weapon's energy beam. The barrel was shown to have the ability to decline its elevation from horizontal. The weapon had the capacity for remote operation as well.

The beam emitted by the Negavator was quite destructive, capable of vaporizing a target completely or causing it to explode.

It is unknown what the power source was for the Negavator's beam weapon was, but the sounds it made while in transit would seem to indicate that its tracks were powered by a conventional diesel or gas turbine powerplant. The Negavator was equipped with a self-destruct mechanism, which, when triggered, set off an explosion large enough to obliterate the machine.


The Transformers cartoon

Negavator 1

You may call me Sheila.

Optimus Prime test-fired the Negavator's gun from inside a bunker. In its first outing it completely vaporized a gantry tower.

Red Alert was able to use the Negavator by remote to fend off Soundwave's attempt to steal the weapon when it was left unguarded.

As powerful as the Negavator was, the concept was apparently abandoned by the Autobots, as no more have been seen since the destruction of the prototype. Auto Berserk


  • In the episode description for Kid Rhino's home video release of "Auto Berserk" on VHS the weapon was erroneously dubbed the "Megafader".
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