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Nefarious is a 6-issue comic-book mini-series published by IDW Publishing from March to August 2010. Set after the events of Revenge of the Fallen, the series details the Autobots making a "desperate alliance" with Soundwave and Theodore Galloway to investigate the Initiative, an unknown human group with designs on the Transformers.

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NEST is rounding up stray Decepticons, while Soundwave makes the discovery that Ravage is live and well. He dispatches Buzzsaw and his other minions to Ravage's last known location, where they encounter humans with advanced equipment, making them capable of going one-on-one with the Decepticons. Also at the location is Bumblebee's team, one of whom falls to Soundwave. Faced with the battle, the mysterious humans pull out, and the Decepticons follow suit. Soundwave is unable to track the humans, who are members of the Initiative, and are collecting energy to feed the secret organization's project, a replica of the AllSpark. The replica is unstable and could potentially destroy the Earth if left unchecked

While investigating Ravage, Soundwave's team tangles with Ironhide and Sideswipe, resulting in Soundwave's capture. He convinces them that his services are required so they can find out what's going on. He's loaded onto a plane bound for a secure location, but en route Buzzsaw shoots the plane down. Bumblebee attempts to complete the delivery by road, but runs into more Decepticons, and is forced to let Soundwave go or risk losing more of his team. Soundwave subsequently tracks Ravage to the Initiative base, only to find it heavily defended by Transformers under Initiative control.

Meanwhile Agent Galloway heads towards Hoover Dam to discover why the location has been removed from government watch lists. His helicopter is shot down by an Initiative-controlled Ransack, and he's forced to call for help from NEST. Following his rescue, they proceed to Hoover Dam to find that the Initiative has already broken in and taken what they need. At the same time, Soundwave approaches the Autobots to propose an alliance so they track down the Initiative. They assault the Initiative base in Oregon, however the Initiative has completed their AllSpark replica, and Carter Newell attempts to use it to destroy the attacking Autobots. He's prevented from doing so, and attempts to make his escape, but is stopped by Optimus Prime and Buzzsaw, while the out-of-control AllSpark is disposed of by Fortress, a Seeker who had been partly responsible for Newell's hatred of machines.


  • The story features many toy-based characters who are given a more movie-like redesign by artist Carlos Magno.
  • Crippled by a Cybertronian, Carter Newell develops an obsessive hatred for robots and commits his life and his fortune to destroy them, until he builds an exo-skeleton that gives him back mobility and energy-projecting abilities, turning him into the Live Movie version of Circuit Breaker (with G.B. Blackrock's money).

Creative team

Nefarious was written by long time Transformers writer Simon Furman, with art by Carlos Magno. Kris Carter colored the first three issues, before coloring duties were taken over by Andrew Dalhouse for the second half of the mini-series. Covers were provided Magnos (B variants) and Brian Rood (A variants).


Collects issues 1–6
Bonus material consists of a cover gallery.