RIDGame Needler

Needler hangs out with Barrage. He's a technical whiz when it comes to messing with stasis pods.


Robots in Disguise mobile game

Needler was one of the Decepticons aboard the Alchemor. When he and Barrage were freed by Steeljaw, Needler was able to convert a stasis pod into a cloning chamber, allowing him to create a massive number of clones of himself and other Decepticons. Needler himself attacked the salvage yard which the Autobots were using as a base, however the Autobots were able to defeat him and promptly stick him in another stasis pod. His clones continued to plague the Autobots as they attempted to foil Steeljaw and Barrage's plan to build a space bridge.


  • Needler's name doesn't appear in the game itself, but was found by looking at the game files.
  • Though Needler is orange in the cut-scene comics, his clones appear cyan. In the case of the other game bosses, their clones' colors appear to be their "true" colors, as the bosses themselves all appear orange and black.
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