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Needlenose is a fly airplane-bot who used to design the most righteous fashion microchips in all Cybertron, until a bunch of bogus dorks said they were totally last year. Whatever! This supreme dissage led to supreme pissage, and the cheesed-off designer joined the uber-bad Decepticons for revenge.

A willing if clueless soldier, Needlenose always keeps it fresh and fly. When he found out about Nebulans, he was all over that, and snagged himself two: Sunbeam, a gnarly surfer dude, and Zigzag, a cool old geezer whose black armor goes with absolutely everything. These two dudes can even combine into a single weapon, which is not at all weird. Telling Needlenose that this weapon is smarter than him is totally not cool. He'd, like, deck you in the locknuts for that.

He's bad-aft, is Needlenose. Not. Straight up, he's a big tin dweeb who thinks he's the bomb. He even plays video games. LAME.


Marvel Comics continuity

Note: Events in italics occurred only in the Marvel UK books.

Oh Needlenose! You and your crazy get-rich-quick schemes!

Needlenose was sponsored by Spinister as a potential recruit for the new Mayhem Attack Squad, being gathered by Snarler to hunt down the traitors from the Time Wars, Carnivac and Catilla. Unfortunately, Needlenose was less than prepared for the stress of combat. During a training exercise he abandoned the fight, an act punishable by death under Decepticon military code. In order to save him from this fate, Spinister deliberately allowed himself to be overcome by an Autobot training dummy, hoping the sight of a fellow Decepticon in trouble would be enough to snap Needlenose back into action. It was, and Needlenose "saved" Spinister from his attacker. When Snarler asked if the new Mayhems were ready, Spinister refrained from mentioning Needlenose's problems, and pushed the team forward to their active assignment. Hunting Party!

On Earth, Needlenose and the Mayhems caught Carnivac alone with their robotic Hellhound, and began hunting him down through the American desert. Carnivac's fellow deserter Catilla came to his rescue, only to be skewered and killed by the Mayhem Bludgeon. The other Survivors arrived and chased off the Mayhems, and Carnivac swore revenge for the death of his friend. A Savage Place

As a member of the Mayhem Attack Squad, Needlenose joined Spinister and the Triggercons in serving their lord Thunderwing on his obsessive quest for the Creation Matrix. As the search progressed, Needlenose and Spinister began quietly questioning the sanity of their commanding officer, and what he was willing to sacrifice to acquire the Matrix (i.e., them). After Thunderwing was possessed by the Matrix and went on a rampage through the Autobots' Ark, severely injuring Spinister in the process, he was cast out into space by the Autobot Nightbeat. Needlenose and the Mayhems surrendered themselves into Autobot custody afterwards. Matrix Quest


Note: These stories do not fit into the normal Marvel continuity. See Earthforce for details.

Following Catilla's death, the Mayhem Attack Squad set up base on a deserted island, preparing themselves for the inevitable retaliation for the assassination. Unfortunately, the waiting was seriously stressing Needlenose's circuits. He staged a false Carnivac alert in order to time his fellow Decepticons' response times, and they were none too pleased with his antics. After Snarler and Spinister chided his lack of discipline, Needlenose returned to his quarters only to find Carnivac lying in wait, having slipped through the Mayhems' defenses during the ruckus. Needlenose cried out for help, but his fellow warriors ignored his death-screams, believing it to be merely another "test". Cry Wolf!

IDW comics continuity

Hundreds of years ago, when a Decepticon sleeper agent silenced "The Voice" just as the Autobot troops were waiting for a broadcast, Needlenose and a squadron of Decepticons under Razorclaw's command moved in for the kill. Spotlight: Blaster


Generation One

  • Needlenose (1988)
    • Accessories: Sunbeam and Zig-Zag Targetmaster partners/guns
G1needlenose toy

Anybody wanna hear a funny-ass joke?

Needlenose transforms into the F-16XL variant of the F-16 Fighting Falcon. Zig-Zag and Sunbeam are mounted on hardpoints under his wingtips in this mode. In robot mode, Needlenose's articulation is located entirely in his shoulders, which can move up and down as well as swing out to the sides.


  • For whatever odd reason, Needlenose's entry in Marvel's Transformers Universe depicts him with a positively gigantic head and feet.

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