Nautilus is an Autobot spy from the Marvel Comics portion of the Generation 1 continuity family.
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Nautilus lives on the edge. His is a life of clandestine meetings, shady characters and the constant fear of discovery, for Nautilus is an Autobot operating deep undercover as a Decepticon.


Marvel Comics continuity

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In 2007 Nautilus was spying on Decepticon Control for Rodimus Prime when he uncovered some information that was too important to risk keeping to himself. Knowing this, he broke cover and returned to the Autobots, where he told Rodimus how he had learned the location of Galvatron.

He went on to tell how the previous day, he had encountered Cyclonus and Scourge, who were both in bad shape. After intially telling Nautilus to mind his own business, Cylconus admitted that they had fared badly against the bounty hunter Death's Head who was pursuing the reward of 10,000 Shanix placed on Galvatron's head by Rodimus. He told Nautilus the same as he had told the freelance peace-keeping agent - that he suspected the missing Galvatron had time-jumped back to Earth of 1987. Death's Head followed him there.

This news distressed Rodimus considerably. Wanted:Galvatron — Dead or Alive!

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