TFGoShinobi1 Nagoya Castle

Nagoya Castle is a castle in Japan. Its most notable feature are the two gold shachihoko — tiger-headed dolphins — which adorn the roof. Its second most notable feature is the team of Autobots concealed within its walls.


Transformers Go!

"Triple Combination! Swordbot - Ninja!"

Tobio Fūma's grandfather warned him that someday oni may appear to take the legendary mirror from the schachihoko, and that it was the clan's mission to protect the mirror. Tobio happened to be on a school trip to the castle when Judora and Bakudora arrived to lay claim to the Legendisc in question. He reclaimed the disc from Judora, but the Predacons opened fire on the other humans present, demanding the boy return the Legendisc. Tobio managed to activate the Legendisc, awakening the Swordbot Shinobi Team who had been slumbering in the castle. A battle ensued on the castle grounds, at the conclusion of which the Legendisc sent Tobio and the three Autobots back in time. When it returned them to Nagoya Castle, the Predacons had already made themselves scarce.


  • Nagoya Castle is a real place, built in the sixteenth century.
  • The real castle was bombed and destroyed in World War II, and later rebuilt. If this happened to the fictional version, presumably they just rebuilt it around the giant robotic animals.
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