AttackOfHumungado Nachos Del Kade

Nachos del Kade is a required snack for watching Kaiju movies, according to Kade Burns. It involves a large amount of tortilla chips and a large amount of cheese.


Transformers: Rescue Bots

"The Attack of Humungado"

When Kade and Mr. Bunty were about to watch Attack of Humungado on a new projector Doc Greene had invented, Kade prepared a bowl of Nachos del Kade and inserted it in the microwave. Unfortunately the cheese overflowed as it cooked, shorting out the microwave and creating a power surge which affected the projector. While Kade and Mr. Bunty were dealing with the mess, the projector caused the Kaiju Rayvenous to manifest in the real world and fly off unnoticed. Though a fuse was blown, ending the screening, Kade declared the Nachoes del Kade a success.

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