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MyClone is a multi-property brand of "super deformed" mini-action figures produced by Takara. Debuting in 2002, four sublines were produced: TF (Transformers), SF (Science Fiction, made up of other Takara-owned sci-fi properties), Tsuburaya (licensed figures of Tsuburaya Productions characters), and AniMyclone (cute animals). These toys can be disassembled and their parts mixed-and-matched thanks to a generic base body.


Three waves of Transformers Myclones were released between January and July 2003.

Optimus Prime models Myclone construction. Either that or he's about to be turned into an alligator.

You can even mix-and-match Transformers Myclone parts with figures from other sublines. This is noteworthy because it's adorable.

TF AS-01

TF AS-02

TF AS-03

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