The Museum Guards are a group of Autobots who work at the Cybertron History Museum.


During Springload's search for Doradus, he took out many Museum Guards and was later apprehended.

In Pilot (Part 1), the Museum Guards were making their daily patrol until they were stopped by Bumblebee, who claimed that he just started to work as a guard at the Museum. The guards were delighted to meet Bumblebee but their conversation with Bee was cut short when they heard two intruders messing around with Museum property. As they were trying to investigate, Bumblebee stopped them and made them think he was an imposter posing a bad impersonation of Bumblebee. Bumblebee was able to dispatch both guards but more came before Bee, Strongarm, and Sideswipe went through the portal.


  • The museum guards' body style is identical to that of the proctors of the Kaon Police Academy.



  • The Cybertronian Museum Guards appear to only have male members, at least on screen.
  • They look exactly like Bumblebee with some differences.
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