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Murray Wright High School is a human education institution in the Movie continuity family.

"Hey, Bart-dude!"

Murray Wright High School is a high school in Detroit, Michigan. Following Megatron's defeat, a large contingent of Autobots chose to settle near Murray Wright in disguise, at least one of them was permanently 'attached' to the school in the form of their school bus. Look and Find Transformers

Murray Wright is a real high school. In the real world it is known variously as 'Murray-Wright High School,' 'Phillip J. Murray Wright-Wright Senior High School' and 'Murray Wright High School.' All of these variations are considered 'correct.'

Associated characters

A large group of Autobots has chosen to settle in and around Murray Wright High School.

Main group

Classic 1950s car

Old Car is Old.

The Autobot Classic 1950s car hangs out at the Auto Repair shop near the High School, which probably accounts for his minty showroom shine.


A soccer mom's nightmare.

The Autobot Minivan 'belongs to' one of the teachers at Murray Wright, a blond woman with a wry sense of humor.

Economy car

Puke green isn't very flattering.

The Autobot Economy car also 'belongs' to one of the teachers at Murray Wright. He's a long-haired goatee-wearing hippie that never escaped the 1970s whose wiry frame can still fit into his bellbottoms.

The teacher isn't much better.


The Wagon Queen Family Truckster. You think you hate it now, but wait 'till you drive it.

The Autobot Grocery-getter has affiliated itself with the parent of one of the Murray Wright students.

1960s muscle car

Not just for heteros anymore.

The Autobot 1960s muscle car is the recent acquisition of a Murray Wright student, who takes enormous pride in his slammin' set of wheels. Unlike Sam Witwicky (who used his classic car to pick up girls,) this student uses his car to impress boys. Awesome!


Surprisingly, he's fuel efficient!

The Autobot SUV has affiliated itself with the parent of one of the Murray Wright students.

Other Autobots

Unlike the 6 'main' Autobots, these transformers do not have any sort of official name or label.

"Cement Truck"

Don't let Mythbusters get him.

"Cement Truck" is an Autobot based out of Detroit.
Cement truck may be partnered with "Dump truck", who was hauling earth away from the direction Cement truck was heading.

"Street sweeper"

He DID NOT graduate Autobot High School for this.

"Street sweeper" is an Autobot whose regular route takes him past Murray Wright High School.

"Fire Truck"

Wow! A RiD Optimus Prime reference!

"Fire truck" is an Autobot based out of Detroit.

"Garbage truck"

He hates his job.

"Garbage truck" is an Autobot whose service route includes the dumpster right outside Murray Wright High School.

"School bus"

Miss Frizzle not included.

"School bus" is one of the busses servicing Murray Wright High School.

Amazingly, this is not the first bus transformer, it's the fourth.

"Dump truck"

At least his job isn't as bad as the others.

"Dump Truck" is an Autobot based out of Detroit.
Dump Truck may be partnered with "Cement truck", who was seen heading in the direction Dump Truck had just hauled a large amount of earth away from.

"Cherry picker"

Who wants to bet that this one is a girl


Cherry picker is an Autobot attached to the Detroit electric company. It's dedicated to servicing the overhead power lines.

"Police motorbike"

Transformers: CHiPs

"Police motorbike" is a beat-up Autobot patrol bike partnered with a human cop who knows the best place to give out tickets is a school parking lot just as classes get out. (Jerk)


"These are the people in your neighborhood..."

Several humans are directly associated with the Murray Wright Autobots.

  1. Minivan's teacher smirks at a student who locked himself out of his car.
  2. Economy car's damn dirty hippie / English professor waves to a friend.
  3. 1960s muscle car's owner uses his wheels to score.
  4. "Police motorbike's" stupid jerk police officer tickets inexperienced drivers.


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