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This article is about the puppy murdered in the Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers comic. For the puppy murdered in the Super-God Masterforce cartoon, see Pis.

The murdered puppy is an animal from the Generation One continuity family.

Benji the Hunted.

Although not known for his stunning success record, perhaps Megatron's greatest military victory occurred when he ordered his Decepticons to murder a puppy. The puppy was endowed with the power of Decepticon super science and all.


Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers comic

It is unknown when Megatron abducted the puppy, but he nevertheless used it for hideous genetic experimentation. After much trial and error, he managed to contain within the puppy enough "Decepticon super science" to power all of Tokyo. The puppy subsequently escaped Decepticon headquarters.

Benji the Murdered.

Megatron swiftly ordered the Combaticons to pursue and gun down the puppy at all costs so that they could regain the super science. The puppy, now bleeding to death, managed to run into Powerglide, Kenji and the Minibots. Crawling into Powerglide's cockpit and interfacing with his computer, the puppy communicated with the Autobot and told him that he would transfer the rapidly fading super science into his new friend so that he could defeat Bruticus. The super science allowed Powerglide to briefly activate a new form of Scramble Power and combine with the other Minibots into the "Minibot Warrior Spiral attack". The ridiculous new attack drilled a hole through Bruticus, forcing the Decepticon combiner to flee back to base for repairs.

Afterwards, the puppy swiftly died in Powerglide's arms, having lived a life of abuse and neglect, devoid of love or compassion; his suffering at last came to an end. Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers issue 8


  • This is not the only instance of "puppy murdered by Decepticons" in the Japanese Generation One fiction: in Super-God Masterforce, the puppy Pis bought it too.

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