Megatron returns and single-handedly decimates the Terrorcon forces worldwide.


In Toronto, Hot Shot stares dumbfounded as Megatron begins his rampage against the flock of Divebombs. Megatron says little, just screaming "Ten years!" over and over as he decimates the Terrorcon ranks. Hot Shot reports it to Jetfire who seems skeptical, but Hoist says that even if it is Megatron he's just the edge they need to win. Thrust attempts to rejoin Megatron's side, but Megatron just slips through another portal in silence. In Tokyo, Prowl witnesses Megatron's arrival and subsequent rampage amongst the Cruellock clones.

In Los Angeles, the Autobots are running out of energy in their fight against the Insecticon swarms. Meanwhile, Rad is flying over in the Energon Volant Accumulator, a jet designed to collect and store latent energon vapors.

On a sunny beach in Turkey, Kicker walks away from the smoking remains of Sharkticon, angry about being a target for every Terrorcon who wants to use him as some sort of energon battery. Slugslinger and Mirage are baffled as to how it happened, muttering that all they were told was to bring Kicker back alive, and now he's registering as an enormous energon blob on their sensors. Kicker recharges the fallen Omnicons, who immediately surround the pair and fire at them. Slugslinger and Mirage decide that the mission is a failure and take off, leaving Sharkticon to fend for himself.

In Tokyo, Megatron continues to obliterate the Cruellock clones, eventually pushing them to the point of retreat before he slips through another portal to Moscow to continue his assault, this time against the Battle Ravage packs. He continues to scream "Ten years!" and the Autobots are sending communications back and forth between the various cities reporting on Megatron's whereabouts and the subsequent retreat of all the Terrorcons.

The team in Los Angeles is suddenly assisted by the arrival of the Street Action Mini-Con Team and Rad in the EVA. He releases all of the energon vapors, recharging the Autobots and enabling them to fight back. But as Megatron teleports into the city, the last of the Terrorcons flee. Jetfire asks Megatron if he's done, and he says that it's a good start, but he's just warming up. He starts to leave again, but gives Jetfire one last message before he does: "Optimus Prime sends his regards... from the belly of the beast!"

In The Yukon, Ironhide and company have just received the first Base Unit for the shield tower when Scorponok ambushes them. He easily takes out the Autobots, but is interrupted by the arrival of Megatron!

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  • Despite the laws of physics, it appears to be night time in Tokyo, Moscow, Los Angeles, and Toronto as the same time.
  • Dropshot is miscolored in a blue, purple, and green color scheme when Scorponok assaults the Autobot base in the Yukon. It is likely the colorist used G1 Micromaster Dropshot as reference here.

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