While Optimus Prime tries to reawaken Megatron, the Autobots on Cybertron aid their allies on Earth.


In the outskirts of Cyber City, Demolishor is grumbling that Thrust went to Earth to fight the Terrorcons and left him all alone, not anticipating that the ore processing plant's systems would go haywire. As Demolishor goes to check it out, he is suddenly ambushed by the newly-reborn Starscream.

In downtown Los Angeles, Landquake, Perceptor, Cliffjumper, Bulkhead, Jetfire, and Tow-Line try to fight off the swarm of Insecticon clones, but they fear that they may be fighting a losing battle. Rad proceeds to take Alexis to Alterenergy West Coast in El Segundo, while Carlos tracks their position.

In the Yukon, Ironhide, Overload, and Dropshot await a base unit to make orbital drop, worrying about the fact that it's long overdue and wondering at the cause.

Inside Unicron, Megatron is wondering where Optimus Prime is and why he hasn't freed him yet. He's been inside Unicron for ten long years, and he wants out. Optimus Prime, meanwhile, has been snared by Unicron's defenses, wrapped up by dozens of robotic tentacles and covered with tiny mechanical spiders. Deciding that there is too much at stake to simply lay down and die, Optimus Prime conjures up a surge of strength, breaks free, and crushes Unicron's sensor node.

In Northern Turkey, Mirage's posse has almost eliminated all of the Omnicons. However, as Sharkticon emerges from the water with Kicker inside, Kicker uses his energon-manipulating abilities to blast his way out, telling Mirage that it's a poor idea to try and capture him above an energon well.

Avalon and Alpha Quintesson continue to plot. Though Alpha Quintesson believes they are ready, Avalon does not want to act until they have the conduit in their possession. Last time their plans were undone, and this time he wants to leave nothing to chance. Alpha Quintesson remarks that he can no longer endure forced servitude to Unicron and wonders what can possibly go wrong.

In Toronto, Thrust, Red Alert, Rodimus, Beachcomber, Hot Shot, and Hoist battle against the horde of Divebomb clones. While Thrust grumbles about being stuck with five ground-based Autobots, Beachcomber makes bad puns, and Hot Shot tries to strategize, they are all quickly coming to the realization that they are in way over their heads. Suddenly, an immense portal opens in the sky, and from it emerges an extremely pissed-off Megatron!

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Items of note

  • The cover of this issue was accidentally released months before Dreamwave had intended to circulate it.
  • Starscream's detailing appears to be symmetrical, unlike his asymmetrical toy.
  • The "conduit" Avalon refers to is likely Over-Run.
  • Dropshot evidently survived being chopped in half during the Armada comic series.
  • The Wavelengths page advertises Warlands and contains an article from the desk of Pat Lee.
  • Readers' mail is answered by Matthew Hansen.

Covers (1)

  • Starscream attacks Demolishor, art by Alex Milne.


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