The Autobots take action to fight back against the Terrorcon rampage on Earth.


In a brief flashback, Alpha-Q introduces Tidal Wave (now reformatted into Mirage) to Slugslinger and Sharkticon. Mirage brings up the fact that he's fallen out of Scorponok's favor in light of his failure to acquire the seismic warheads from Ironhide, and Alpha-Q responds that Scorponok has fallen out of favor with Unicron as well. Back in the present, Mirage's team continues their heavy offensive against the Omnicons as Sharkticon scoops up an unconscious Kicker underwater.

Deep inside of Unicron, Megatron continues to show Optimus Prime what the Terrorcons are doing on Earth. Though Prime is reluctant to unleash Megatron upon the universe once more, Megatron again offers him a choice: Prime can help him escape, and Megatron will destroy the Terrorcons and help the Autobots defeat Unicron, or he can sit back and enjoy the show.

In Los Angeles, Rad starts crying with the realization that Alexis is dead, until she comes out of nowhere and tries to drag him to safety. Rad embraces her and tells her never to leave again, before they both run for cover.

On Cybertron, Jetfire and Councilor Avalon lament Prime's disappearance, and the fact that none of the other councilors are willing to accept the fact that they are once again at war, when Prowl interrupts with the news of the attack on the four Earth cities. Jetfire gathers together an army of Autobots (and one former Decepticon) and opens a space bridge portal to each of the besieged cities. As they prepare to step through, Grindor, Sureshock, and High Wire arrive. They have a vested interest in making sure Rad, Alexis, and Carlos survive, and they combine together to form Perceptor before they all march through the portals and into the war zones.

Meanwhile, Optimus Prime makes his way through the tunnels within Unicron, telling Megatron (and possibly himself too) that he's doing it for the good of the universe, not for Megatron. After a short and unanticipated swim through a pool of acid, Optimus Prime arrives at Unicron's lateral sensor nodes. He is just about to shut them down when Unicron's defenses activate and swarm over him.

Back on Cybertron, it is revealed that Avalon's decision support Jetfire was not out of concern for Earth, but as part of an insidious plan constructed in collaboration with none other than Alpha Quintesson!

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Items of note

  • The large group shot of Autobots does not contain the Armada recolors in the Energon line (Treadbolt, Ultra Magnus, etc.).
  • Red Alert and Thrust appear as they did in for the duration of Armada, and not in their Powerlinx colors.
  • Landquake's head has been significantly redesigned to differentiate him from Landmine.
  • Like his toy, Slugslinger appears to have some kind of "Two-Face"-esque facial irregularity. However, in "Perspective", which takes place later, chronologically, he has no such deformity.
  • The Wavelengths page advertises Killzone and contains an article from the desk of Erik Sander (E-Rock).
  • Readers' mail is answered by Matthew Hansen.

Covers (1)

  • Optimus attacked by Unicron's defenses, art by Alex Milne.


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