The Autobots make their presence known on earth, while Alpha-Q's legion of Terrorcons starts an all-out assault on four prominent Earth cities.


On March 22, 2015, Optimus Prime meets with the Secretary General of the United Nations to ratify the Cybercord Treaty. News station BBS provides coverage of the event, including asking the opinions of a number of protesters who feel the Autobots' presence is the beginning of an invasion.

Later, at the High Halls on Cybertron, Prowl and Jetfire discuss the issue of Optimus Prime's mysterious absence. Though their systems show him entering the space bridge portal on Earth, he clearly never arrived on Cybertron, which leaves Jetfire to reason with the High Council — a thought he can't stand.

Inside Unicron, Megatron's voice tells Optimus Prime where he is. Optimus Prime is skeptical, asking why Unicron's systems haven't already destroyed him. Megatron tells him that Unicron's powers have greatly diminished, and that while his own body may have been destroyed, Megatron's consciousness still exists, and has gained a small degree of power. He demonstrates this by showing Optimus Prime the body he has built for himself and asks for his help in freeing his spark from Unicron. Optimus Prime says that even if Megatron is telling the truth, he'll never help him. Megatron simply grins and says, "You will."

Back on Earth, Kicker and the Omnicons begin to harvest an undersea pocket of naturally-occurring energon. However, during a delicate stage of the operation, Mirage attacks, along with Slugslinger and Sharkticon, decimating the Omnicons and eliminating the air bubble they had formed around Kicker.

On Cybertron, the Council of Elders initially refuses Jetfire's request for more resources allotted to the protection of Earth. However, Councilor Avalon reasons that perhaps the protection of Earth and its resources isn't a bad idea, stating that if the Terrorcons prevail and reactivate Unicron, no amount of energon or troops will be able to save them.

Deep within Unicron, Optimus continues to refuse Megatron's request for aid. Megatron then reveals that Unicron has started his attack on the cities of Toronto, Moscow, Los Angeles, and Tokyo, showing him scenes of armies of Terrorcon drones decimating Earth.

In Los Angeles, Rad and Alexis discuss the validity of protesters' paranoia regarding the Autobots' armed presence on Earth. While Rad sides with the Autobots, Alexis muses that she at least partly agrees with the protesters. Rad snubs her and walks away, shortly before an army of Insecticon clones begins attacking the city. Rad turns around to save Alexis, and screams in horror as the taxi cab that Alexis just got into is destroyed.

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