Multiplayer refers to the competitive online game type in Transformers: Fall of Cybertron.  In multiplayer, players can choose from four possible game modes.  Modes require at least four people to start and can have a maximum of twelve people.  Players can join a game at any point allowing teams that are short on players to catch up.

Game Modes


In all multiplayer game types, players are split up into teams.  The game uses an autobalance system to balance games.  This system is based off player scores from the previous match.  Prime mode may play a role if the player has no score from the previous match.  Players can party up with other players so they will always be placed on the same team.  Technically, this allows players to cheat autobalance.  If their team is stacked enough, it will usually always win.  However this is not recommended because it is extremely difficult to find a game with more than two people.

Teams generally max out at 6 players, however matches can become 7 on 5 if a party of two joins at the correct team.  In addition this gap can be strengthened as players see that their team is outnumbered, and quit out.  Games require a minimum of two players on each team in order to start the game and games will not start until the difference between each team is no more than one player.


For performing game type related actions, players receive score.  These actions include killing other players, assisting kills on other players, healing other players, capturing nodes and so forth.  Each one of these actions is worth a certain amount of score.  At the end of a match players are ranked by their scores which will be used to autobalance the next game.  Scores are also saved after every game and added to your total score.  Your total score is used to rank you against every other player who has played that gametype ever.  Players are able to see their own score in relation to their friends, people close to them in rankings and the top twenty.  Each leaderboard is divided up by game type.

Private Match

Players can create their own lobbies that are invite only.  In these lobbies, hosts, the creators of the lobby, can adjust game length, and points necessary to win.  They can also pick the map is the set map choice to host's choice or they can set it to voting for majority voting.

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