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Confronted with a state-of-the-art computer system with groundbreaking graphics and the finest storage devices available, most young, unsupervised programmers would doubtless think of nothing more than performing the necessary tasks designated by their employer. However, this has not always been so. Ethan Zachary, an innovative lad who worked for Energy Futures Industries, discovered a completely unexpected use for his employer's powerful Spectramax mainframe: it could run Multi-World, by Flippy-Floppy Industries, a "video game" for multiple players, so lifelike it is "virtually real". Perhaps some day others will follow his example.

Multi-World is a graphics-intensive, totally immersive multiplayer environment with a high-technological fantasy setting. Terrain is multidimensional and elaborately modeled; the game's numerous interconnected zones are populated with diverse races of fantastic non-player characters powered by highly advanced AI routines. Gameplay is open-ended, with no fixed plot. Instead, player characters interact with the landscape and NPC inhabitants, and with each other. They therefore generate their own plots, which may include combat, puzzle-solving, social interaction, and elaborate questing.


Some players get way too caught up in it all. Afterdeath!


Multi-World, as the name suggests, is composed of several themed areas, or "worlds."

  • Unnamed commons area
Spine- and shell-like features cover a hilly landscape. Also, fungi.
  • Vineland
A land covered in sentient vines.
  • Cloud-Steppes
An aerial paradise with crisscrossing walkways.
  • Slimepit
It's a slime pit.
  • Metropipe
A jungle-city made entirely of crisscrossing pipes.

Cheat Codes[]

Codeword Effect Side Effect
"Afterdeath" (spoken) Respawn to defeat enemy Go mad thinking enemy still lives.  Gone but Not Forgotten!