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Mudflap is an Autobot and a Decepticon from the Cybertron portion of the Unicron Trilogy continuity family.

Yes! The French: Smelly arm-pits and all!

Mudflap has anger issues. A former Autobot and friend to Landmine, being forced to remain hidden on Earth after the evacuation of Cybertron was frustrating for this former famous boxing champion. So frustrating that when he was approached by the Decepticons, he signed up!

After Megatron was destroyed the first time and the Decepticons started fighting each other for the role of leader, Mudflap left them and went back to Earth.

Mudflap was downing himself and hurting himself by smashing against the trees, saying that he was neither Autobot nor Decepticon, for the Decepticons fought each other and he couldn't go back to the Autobots because he fought against them. Eventually Landmine found him. Mudflap transformed and told his old friend that he couldn't go back to the Autobots because of what he did. Landmine showed compassion and said that others deserve a second chance to redeem themselves. Mudflap the joined back in the ranks with the Autobots.

To human ears, Mudflap speaks with a French-Canadian accent. Aside from his pugilistic skills, he's an expert in swinging his massive crane-blade, incorporating it into his free-flying limbs fighting technique.

Japanese name: Demolishor
Russian name: Brizgovik (Брызговик, "Mudguard")


Animated continuity


Voice actor: Dale Wilson (English), Taketora (Japanese)
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  • Mudflap (Voyager, 2005)
    • Japanese ID number: GD-09
    • Accessories: Missile, Earth-style Cyber Key

"Ostie de calisse de tabarnak, why can't I sell??"

Mudflap transforms into a blue crane truck. The toy features two Cyber Key gimmicks, but unfortunately, they both suffer from design flaws. Inserting his key into the side of his cab flips out a firing missile launcher, which works fine in truck mode; in robot mode, however, it is slung under his right arm, and the spring-loaded hinge that flips it out is not strong enough to hold it up, meaning that it dangles loosely underneath his forearm. His second gimmick is his ridiculously colossal saw-blade - first, his crane arm is manually extended, opening up the Cyber Key slot in its side, and inserting the key then flips out the translucent green blade. When fully extended, the blade and crane are about three times the height of his body. Sadly, the blade is molded from soft, flexible plastic, and if left undeployed for too long, will warp due to tension from the spring holding it down - and since it comes packaged undeployed, having been stuck like that since it left China, it comes out of the box warped. Urgh. The Takara version did not have this problem.
Mudflap comes with a silver-bordered Earth-style Cyber Planet Key; the Hasbro release has the Key Code "v6t7" stamped on the back. There are also a myriad of small paint application differences between the Hasbro and Takara releases of the toy.
A special version of Mudflap was released as a Target stores exclusive, with a pair of free Mini-Cons attached to the box. Mudflap came with the Mini-Cons Tankor and Shockwave.
This mold was going to be redecoed to make Landslide, but was ultimately canceled (for reasons stated below) - and was later redecoed into Movie Mudflap anyway.



  • Mudflap was the quintessential shelfwarmer of the Cybertron toy line. For whatever reason, he simply did not sell, and eventually ended up at heavy discount in most chains.
  • Mudflap's transformation was used as the basis for the non-toy character Signal Lancer's transformation.
  • In late October 2005, searching for "Evac" in's toy section returned a bizarre statement to the effect that customers searching for "epic" tended to eventually buy Mudflap. Oddly, this result did not appear if you actually searched for "epic."
  • Despite his name, there isn't a mudflap anywhere on him!
  • Just like Tigatron has the emasculating honour of being defeated by Waspinator, Mudflap holds the same honour of being defeated by Thundercracker - rather easily to be exact.

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