Ms. Marvel is a human in the IDW universe of the Generation One continuity family.

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Ms. Marvel, real name Carol Susan Jane Danvers, is a superheroine. Her flight, invulnerability, and strength arise from her half-Kree genetics.


IDW comics continuity

The New Avengers/The Transformers

During her superheroic career, Ms. Marvel was once subject to mind control, and also spent some time travelling space with the Starjammers. Man and Machine, Part Two

Ms. Marvel and the Falcon answered the call to help the Avengers in Latveria. When the Autobots appeared, Ms. Marvel joined the others in attacking them, her aggressive tendencies augmented by the Decepticons' Psycho-Prism. Man and Machine, Part One Revelling in her newly-uninhibited Kree bloodlust, Ms. Marvel attacked Ratchet, but was immobilized by his airbag. After Ratchet planted an inhibitor device on captain America to counter the Prism's effects, he called off the attack; Ms. Marvel was unwilling to use the devices, and had to be put down by Doctor Doom. Despite an explanation of the Prism by Doom, Carol was still unwilling to use the inhibitor until they were vetted by newly-arrived Avenger Iron Man. Now allied with both the Autobots and Doom, Ms. Marvel and the Avengers attempted to penetrate the Decepticons' Array to rescue Spider-Man, but to no avail - until the fortress' walls opened up to reveal a team of Decepticons in mirror response mode! Man and Machine, Part Two

In the battle that ensued, Ms. Marvel and the Falcon found themselves overwhelmed by the Decepticons' aerial warriors, but managed to turn the tide thanks to a Captain America-piloted Quinjet and an Autobot-boosted Iron Man. Before they could celebrate their victory, however, their opponents dealt them a crushing blow; a holographic transmission revealed that Megatron and Doom had joined forces and taken Ratchet, Prowl, Spider-Man, and Luke Cage hostage, vowing to kill them if their teammates did not surrender. Carol sided with Bumblebee and Cap in their willingness to sacrifice the hostages to prevent a Symkarian-Latverian war, but Optimus Prime proposed another solution... Man and Machine, Part Three

Outside the Array, Carol confronted Megatron with her allies. With the hostages successfully freed and the Psycho-Prism destroyed, the Avengers and Autobots decisively beat the Decepticons, forcing them to flee. Man and Machine, Part Four

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