A timeline for the events of the 2007 live action film Transformers continuity.

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  • 1,000,000+ BC — Megatron came to desire the Allspark's power for himself, secretly formed an army of his own, and a planet-wide civil war for control of the Allspark began.[1]

  • 10,000+ BC — The Battle of Tyger Pax: While the main Autobot forces hold the Decepticons back at Simfur, a smaller team under Bumblebee buys those in Tyger Pax the time they need to launch the Allspark into a wormhole in space. Megatron leaves Cybertron to follow it. Bumblebee loses the ability to speak.[2]

  • ??BC — After "countless solar spans" Megatron tracks the Allspark to Earth but is reckless in his lust for it, crashes through the arctic ice, and is lost.
  • ~1807 ADMainframe flees Cybertron after attempting to unseat Megatron in a coup, he eventually settles on Earth. Note: this event is irreconcilable with the main timeline.

  • 1898 ADCaptain Witwicky, now blind and raving is confined to the Boston Secure Hospital. Two Victorian-style spooks with an interest in the "unusual" listen to his story, decide to cover it all up and embark on a goverment sponsored expedition to check it out. If these blokes aren't called Sector Seven already they will be someday soon. Witwicky's personal effects are sent on to his family.

  • 1899 AD — The proto-Sector 7 guys erect a dome above the partially excavated "Mega-Man".

  • 1902 AD — The Allspark is discovered underwater in Colorado.

  • 1935 AD - Arizona, a Sector 7 facility is built at the foot of the Hoover Dam to study both the Mega-man and the alien cube. Plans are to transfer the Mega-man to the facillity very soon, that fall at the latest. For an unknown reason this never happens.

  • 1938 AD - Captain Witwicky died on August 13th, he was survived by his son Clarence.

  • 1969 AD — Sector 7, headed by Walter Simmons, attempts the first test flight of an Ice Man (as the "Mega Man" is now nicknamed) derived spacecraft (Ghost 1) using the Apollo 11 moon launch as cover. At the same time the first attempt was made to relocate the Ice Man himself from the Arctic to southern Nevada to be better studied alongside the likewise mysterious "alien cube". Signs seemed to point to Sector 7 beginning to shift from being a secret US millitary opperation to a non-millitary-aligned deep "black ops" program. The Ark and Nemesis clash over the Ghost 1 in a distant solar system and learn of Megatron's (and possibly the Allspark's) location on Earth, though not the location of Earth.

  • 1977 AD — August 15th. The Big Ear radio telescope detects the Wow! signal. Sector 7 designates the sender (Optimus Prime) N.B.E.-2. This designation was later be reassigned to Bumblebee, possibly under the belief he was the same being.

  • 1983 — March 15th. To control the previous year's leaks[3] about the Transformers to the public, S7 Industries collaborated with Japanese toymaker Takara to produce a movie based on the 'video game' about giant robots they were developing, allowing them to dismiss any claims relating to the Transformers or their world as fictional characters- hiding them in plain sight. This operation is codenamed Hungry Dragon.

  • 2003 AD — A facility in Colorado uses the Hubble Space Telescope to photograph Bumblebee landing on Mars. They then track his landing on Earth in Viginia. He is deignated N.B.E.-2 but manages to slip their detection by adopting a local alt-form. Meanwhile in suburbia, Ronald Witwicky passes on his keepsakes of Archibald to his callow young son. Reggie Simmons takes command of the operation to track down N.B.E.-2. Starscream, Blackout, and Barricade arrive on Mars, hot on Bumblebee's trail, and destroy a Mars rover.


  1. The war on Cybertron began "one million years before the dawn of man" according to Transformers: the Junior Novel. Transformers: The Movie (novel) also makes reference to one million years, but less explicitly.
  2. According to Transformers: The Movie (novel), the Allspark crashed into Earth 12,000 years ago. It is not known for how much longer it drifted.
  3. Agent X's podcasts mentions the major leak in 1982.
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